Fatty Liver Disease.....GONE!

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Congratulations to you!!!

Honestly, I find the reaction of the medical community maddening. It’s like someone’s given them holy commandments that say Thou Shalt Not Question That Chronic Disease Is A Normal Baseline. So they walk around saying sure, by all means change your lifestyle, whatever, you might feel better, but Chronic Disease is Normal, so here’s some pills, some products, some procedures. You say no thank you, I’m going to change my lifestyle and see what happens, and they say That’s Crazy, Because Chronic Disease Is Normal. You’ll die!

And then when your lifestyle changes work, they say “We Have No Idea What Happened, because CHRONIC DISEASE IS NORMAL, and therefore you’re just some one-off, how lucky you are to be so unique, have a nice day.” :roll_eyes:

So anyway, here’s to you and your spiffy streamlined liver, long may it metabolize!!


Thank you for putting this in to words. It is exactly what the medical community seems to be.

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I am trying to get to the right forum to ask at age 68 and female why I do not lose on keto? Can someone direct me please


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Your name looks like a woman’s name, so I am going to go out on a limb and say that you probably need at least a month on keto to see results. Also, women tend to be more likely to restrict their calories, which is not necessary on keto and can actually be counter-productive, since that tends to slow down the metabolism and make fat loss more difficult.

If you’d like some advice, mine would be to eat enough food at every meal to satisfy your hunger. Do this for at least a month. You may very well find your appetite dropping in a few weeks, and this is normal. Just eat as much as your body tells you it needs, while keeping your carbohydrate intake under 20 g/day. A number of forum members have reported that it took them at least a month of eating to satiety for their hormones to re-regulate themselves and their fat loss to begin.

Also bear in mind that if you only want to lose a small amount of fat, it is going to take longer. The last 10 kg come off much more slowly than the first 100 kg. That is true for everyone.

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Hi, Josie. Another 68 year old woman here. I am excited to connect and hopefully help.
I need some basic info…
How long have you been doing keto?
What do you normally eat in a day (Carb grams, etc),?
How much weight do you want to lose? any health issues?
Height, current weight, bill price of how many calories each day…?

Glad you’re here.


Some info could be useful… It won’t mean anyone will be able to say why for sure but maybe we can spot something or have tips?

I never lose on keto because I eat too much fat so no need to use my reserves, it’s simple in my case… I like to think that I am at the cusp of figuring out how to change this, I started to have pretty good days, after all… :wink:

But I know nothing about you. Maybe it’s too new and you expect too quick results. Maybe your body is busy with other things at this point and fat-loss will happen later, slowly. Maybe you eat too much fat or too much carbs, some wrong item that works for others but interferes with YOUR fat-loss. Sleep, stress and many other things can mess things up too…

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Hi Robin and all that responded, I am 5’1 137 lb I tried keto since May 31st and also Incorporated intermittent fasting. Basically I’m down to two meals a day I don’t need any carbs except for what comes in vegetables and occasional fruit like berries or watermelon. I am a past Weight Watcher successful Dieter and use a lot of common sense in my lifelong plans for good health. My husband lost 22 lb on keto, great success for him. Ultimately I only want to lose a maximum of 15 lb because at age 68 I think that getting too thin is aging. I was either only at a plateau or on keto I was gaining weight :-(. I currently as far as health issues are concerned in the past I’ve had AFib, I do not have high blood pressure I very carefully watch any salt in my diet and get to the gym at least twice a week plus I’m very active as far as hiking Etc. You can understand my frustration with not being able to drop the last few pounds. Eating a lot of fat basically has been a challenge because of past health education on eating lean meats Etc., also yes I am female with a name like Josie:-) thank you again for your input and suggestions

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Paul, thank you yes I am female and I appreciate your in-depth information and insight, I have been doing some reading and estrogen in more mature women has a bearing on weight loss and Keto.

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It sometimes happens that people who are finally eating right and eating enough put on lean mass, even while shedding fat. It doesn’t necessarily happen to everyone, but if you were accustomed to restricting calories and are now eating to satiety (as we recommend), it is a distinct possibility.

This body recomposition makes the scale number an inadequate indicator of progress. That is why we recommend using the fit of one’s clothing as an additional indicator, since muscle and bone are much denser than fat, so it is possible to gain weight and get thinner simultaneously.

In my own case, I lost 80 lbs./36 kg effortlessly over a period of several months. Over the next twelve months or so, my weight remained stable, but I continued to lose a couple of inches. Trousers I received as a Christmas gift were a bit too small to put on, but by the following Christmas fit very comfortably. So obviously, the unchanging weight means I was adding a certain amount of lean mass, even while shedding a bit more excess fat.

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@Josie54 I would count the carbs in those veggies and fruit. Try cutting them back significantly and make sure your total carb grams are under 20 a day.

I know it’s hard to get past our previous beliefs about ‘diets”. You have to trust this process. Make sure you are eating enough and getting enough calories. Do not go hungry. When a craving hits, eat some meat or other strictly keto food. But those veggies and fruit can pack a punch of carbs, if you aren’t tracking. And they can trigger more cravings.

Good luck. you got this!

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Thank you Robin, I do watch the carbs in my vegetables and I barely eat any fruit at all anymore, maybe a little watermelon in the middle of the day but that’s all it has been lately. I even ask Alexa how many carbs in a cup of cauliflower or broccoli Etc. I really do appreciate your response and help


Watermelon may well be one of the lowest carb fruits but it still has 8g per 100g.


Watermelon is basically sugary water to me, the only plus is that it’s chewable water, that’s fun. But I can’t comprehend how anyone can eat a little of it, it’s not how people eat watermelon, usually…

Good idea to be careful about cauliflower. I had to ban it on keto (I mean the fried version, I still could put it into my soups carefully) as I ate it like I eat watermelon: 1000g was the lowest realistic amount at once.

But even if one uses smaller amounts, carbs easily add up. I liked my vegs and needed plenty of carbs for them alone. But it’s quite nice to eat them in smaller amounts as well if one is used to that. I lived on egg and veggie dishes before keto but I had to change my ways as they didn’t fit. And years later I realized that I never will lose fat or have other benefits on keto alone, I need to do bigger changes. I barely eat vegs since, good thing I suddenly lost interest, it was surreal.

So there are cases when fruits and vegs should go (if not completely, almost). But many people enjoy their quite veggie-rich keto and even needs that part to feel okay.

Josie, do you know your macros? Probably as how else you could tell you don’t eat too many carbs? I always had to track on keto. But I forgot some people only track carbs, it was easier and more informative for me to track everything.
I found it’s too easy to overeat on keto if one is that type. Especially in the presence of sugar. A little (but not super tiny) fruit can mess up things for me. Have I got perfectly satiated with my best food? No problem, after some fruit I will need more. Carbs mess things up for many of us and sugar is the worst I guess, it definitely is for me. I am a very good example of someone who can’t lose fat with fruits. Or vegs. Maybe in extreme circumstances.

There can be so many potential problems… We are all different and what works for one, may be a problem for another.


Congratulations Midnightmoon on beating your fatty liver disease. I’m especially impressed by the reversal of areas of fibrosis. My experience was very similar but without the fibrosis. I wrote about it on a thread paradoxically called “Stomach,” so it might be helpful to repeat a bit of it on this liver thread. I am a firm fan of ketogenic eating, and consider it by far the best way for those of us with metabolic syndrome to lose weight, but there is research out there that shows that any time you lose body fat you lose liver fat. M. Snel, et al., “Ectopic Fat and Insulin Resistance: Pathophysiology and Effect of Diet and Lifestyle Interventions,” International Journal of Endocrinology, Article ID 983814, 2012, https://doi.org/10.1155/2012/983814. These guys conducted a pretty elaborate experiment, including serial liver biopsies, showing that when you lose weight, fat in the liver is the first to be “mobilized,” followed by visceral fat. The authors say that “it has been shown that even a relatively small drop in BMI of 3–6% is associated with a considerable reduction in hepatic TG [triglyceride] content of 34–40%. The main reduction in hepatic TG content already occurs in the first two weeks of dietary restriction.” (Citations omitted.)