Fatty acid composition as driver of inflammation and metabolic disease

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What makes some need/require Keto?
Help, If you can.......I need to GAIN weight
HELP Gaining weight 😥
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Delectwhatation? Had to look that up…

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@PaulL That is a very interesting presentation. Thank you for linking.

@ctviggen Towards the middle/latter portion of the presentation cites studies that I think relate to what you and I discuss here:

I refer to the studies where caloric totals fed were the same and the only dietary differences were the % of O6 PUFAs. Different nutrients (even if identical ‘macros’) are processed differently and have different energy consequences, which is why simple CICO ultimately fails. In the studies cited, the higher the O6 % the more fat storage occurred even when total calories consumed were the same.

I think that explains, at least in part, why my method of using weight gain/loss as a measure of energy balance works. The caloric numbers are just a convenience. It’s the weight stability I’m really taking seriously.

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How many of us are like you? I NEVER eat the same thing, at least on a weekly basis. NEVER.

This weekend, made smoked leg of lamb. Made one last week too. Before that, haven’t made one since…?

Yesterday, had shrimp (sous vide from raw) and chicken skewers from Costco, with peanut sauce. I have never had this combination before. (Note: had high PUFAs in peanut sauce, which I try to avoid, too, but there you go.) Only eaten the Cosco chicken skewers once before.

This weekend, I ate 3 eggs on Saturday and 4 eggs on Sunday, with my daughter’s egg yolks. The last time I ate that many eggs? I don’t remember. While I like eggs, I go through phases with them, eating a lot of them at times, and eating none of them, sometimes for weeks on end.

This weekend, I ate leftover crack chicken with my eggs. Until my wife made that last week, I had never had it.

Had 2MAD Saturday and Sunday, will have at most OMAD or not eat today (Monday).

There are a few meals we typically eat, including “Tacos”. That’s usually once per week. But that’s the exception, not the rule.

So, for people who are like you (and maybe Shawn Baker, who eats nothing but steak), maybe calories would “work”. But for most of us, I eat so many different things, it’s not possible.

Same with fat types and levels. I sometime eat almost no fat. Other times, I’ll eat cold butter on top of my beef (last week) or add sour cream and cheese to up the fat. My fat content varies radically day by day.

Anyway, if counting calories and making spreadsheets works for you, so be it. The chances that works for someone else are basically zero.

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Bob, you seem to think I use calories in same way anyone on CICO would. That’s not correct.

I use my weight stability to determine how much I eat. If I lose weight I eat more, if I gain weight I eat less. Otherwise, I just carry on. I use calories as a simple measure to determine whether I’m eating more, less or the same. I fail to understand why this seems unusual. I think it would work for anyone, not just someone who eats like me from a more limited menu.

You’re probably doing the same thing but not consciously. If you consume less energy than you put out, you’ll feel hungry and eat. If you’re not hungry because you’ve already eaten more than sufficient you won’t eat. How is that different from observing that x-calories = I’m losing weight or y-calories = I’m gaining weight? Or knowing that within a 400 calorie ‘window’ my weight remains stable?

Do you think if I water-fasted for 4-5 days and cycled 50 miles each of those days that I would not lose onboard fat?

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To get back to the video. This is good news to folks who don’t think they can go full-blown ketogenic. By eliminating seed oils and processed food, they can certainly start down the road of better health. I’m forwarding the link to my brother who couldn’t go full keto, but did succeed reducing overall carbs. I think he will find this very helpful and encouraging.