Fatigue like symptoms after 1 month on Keto


(Shadow Net) #1

So I’m about a month or so into this way of eating and I really am loving the food and the feeling of fitting clothes better. One thing that has been a niggle is the feeling of fatigue just keeps hanging around. I’m fairly fit having run 2 marathons in last few years so I know that feeling well when you get near the wall. This is a mild version of that. I’m guessing that the carb reduction is causing the switch to ketones hence the classic strange tastes and sensations but I had hoped it would calm down after 6 weeks or so. Anyone else had similar ongoing symptoms? How did you deal with them? Anyway egg and bacon never gets old in my book. Cheers all.

(Robin) #2

Hopefully this will pass. Be certain that you are getting adequate calories. It’s quite easy to eat too few on keto. And be sure you eat when you are hungry.
But it’s likely this will resolve itself as your body acclimates to the new operating system.
You got this!

(Allie) #3

Electrolytes and make sure you’re eating enough.
Often just adding a good quality salt will fix it.

(Shadow Net) #4

Thanks, I’ll give the salt a try, it’s amazing how full you feel on just protein so yeah might be that too.

(Bacon is better) #5

The change to ketones is what you want, and the only way to achieve that and have enough energy is to eat enough fat. There are limits to how much excess stored fat the body is willing to part with during a given day, so you need fat in your diet as well as coming from your adipose tissue.

Protein also plays a part in this. While, under normal circumstances, it is not used for energy, we do tend to feel lethargic if we don’t get enough.

So the upshot is that you need both enough protein and enough fat in your food intake, all the while keeping carb intake low, so that your insulin can stay low. Dr. Stephen Phinney, one of the main researchers into ketogenic eating, is an avid bicyclist who talks about regularly hitting the wall as a carb-burner, and then becoming essentially “bonk-proof” as a fat-burner.