Fatigue and Bloating

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Hi guys, im suffering with fatigue and some bloating now and then.

Ive been onKeto for the past month and a half, been through the flu syptoms and started to feel alot better in regards to energy. My sleep is tremendous right now and ive lost around 1stone since starting. However recently ive been having trouble with my fatigue for some reason (nothing has changed) and i get bloating after a meal for a few hours (i also dont poo as much as i would like).

My macros are;

Net Carbs Less than 20g
129g Fat
118g Protein
Approx 1650 calories

I also do 16/8 intermittent fasting

I hit these targets most days pretty much on the dot. Eat a lot of eggs, cheese, green veg, leafy greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, all kinds of meat, i have a tablespoon of MCT in my coffee everyday, cook with butter etc etc.

Why would i be experiencing this now and not in the past?


Hows ur salt intake? Do u supplement anything? Activity level interms of work/exercise? Bloating could be mushrooms with dairy or just random. Fatigue could b low electrolytes or low calories if ur energy needs are high.

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And just wanted to say hi and welcome!! I’m sorry you’re feeling low energy and fatigued. Often, low electrolytes will do this and not enough salt like ODE the Pirate said. Can you give us a sample day’s eating?

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I am sitting down for most of the day so i dont think calories would be low.

Salt, i try to salt most of my food other than when i have salad etc.

A regular days food would consist of

Breakfast - Black Coffee

Lunch 12am - Spinach Salad with tomato, cheese, ham/chicken, mushroom, generally smothered with full fat mayo

Snack - Packet of pork rinds and an MCT black coffee

Dinner - 6pm - A piece of meat with broccoli/cauliflower/mushrooms/asparagus and always a portion of cheese somewhere. If im hungry later, ill snack on some more cheese or a piece of 100% dark chocolate.


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Then its more likely too low salt intake. Cut out the snacks and have pinches of salt thru out the day instead.

Eliminate these in this order: mushrooms > dairy > lowered veggie intake. Those r the typical suspects with bloating. Everyones different so try it out and see whats urs.

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Some people don’t tolerate MCT oil well. For me, personally, it’s creates anarchy in my gut. Maybe omit for a couple of days, if you want to test it out.