Fathead Empanadas!

(Jeremy Storie) #1

I’m trying this out soon!


I’ve made my own version of these and they came out good. Froze a few for quick breakfasts.

(Jeremy Storie) #3

Great idea :ok_hand:

(Jeremy Storie) #4

Did you freeze them before or after you baked them?


After. Worked great. One I just nuked without thawing, another I thawed and heated in the toaster oven. Both were good. I made a kind of spinach English pasty thing.

(Jeremy Storie) #6

That sounds good :ok_hand:

(Lee Jones) #7

]I was salivating at the YouTube preview picture then couldn’t bloody view it in the UK. Feckers!


Oh man, that bites!

I have to use some weird blocker plugin here so I can watch Channel 4 over there lol.