Fat in fish


I have been looking up the fat content of fish and seafood to see what has a good fat to protein ratio. It looks like Chilean Sea Bass is top of the heap, followed by salmon, yellow-fin tuna, and mackerel. Rainbow trout also has a respectable fat ratio. Shellfish are mostly protein, so cook them with lots of butter!

(Ethan) #2

Steelhead trout is decent, too.

(Doug) #3

To generalize, I think that cold-water fish have a higher fat content than those from warm waters. The fattier fish usually have a stronger taste, too, versus the more mild warm-water types.

(Sophie) #4

Oh good! 'Cos it’s “Fish Friday” and I’m thawing out some Scottish Salmon. It’s pretty darn fatty but I think part of that is because it’s farm raised. :fishing_pole_and_fish: :fish:

(Rob) #5

If one adds the wrinkle of cost per lb etc. Mackerel can be super macro and cost efficient and is available smoked and long lasting (and super tasty). It seems a lot cheaper in Britain than the US, not sure about the rest of the world. I guess cost efficiency will depend on where you are and what is cheap locally.