Fat Gripz: Anybody tried these? Do they Work?

(Windmill Tilter) #1

I’m curious to try these out. They’re meant to increase grip strength and improve forearm development.

My grip strength isn’t great, and I don’t particularly want to add any isolation exercises.

If you’ve tried them, I’m curious to hear whether or not they work for you.

(Troy) #2


Just a thought

If you are doing pull-ups or chin-ups at a gym
Sounds odd
I will perform my routine on the bar that has the loose rubber gripping
To where I can barely hold on🙂
As opposed to the new bar with the fixed a stable rubber grip
It has helped my grip strength tremendously!!

NO ABS Jeff explains it more in his video below
The concept sorta
A cheap $3 Home Depot option as well

(Windmill Tilter) #3

Thanks for the link. I always upvote Jeff Cavalier. :yum:

What he showed in the video is the same principle. I might try his way first since its so cheap and simple. I’ll mostly be using it for dumbell work.

I just added a BFR training session once a week. It drops the weight 80% on all my lifts, so I’m just doing it at home with dumbells. This seems like an easy way to hit the forearms particularly hard.

(Windmill Tilter) #4

Here is a cheaper option in case anyone is interested. It’s a knockoff of the Fat Gripz. It’s not a particularly complicated technology, so I’m guessing they work just as well for 60% less money ($12.00 vs $29).

(Troy) #5

Great Find👍

(Danny Albers) #6

I know this post is older but I have fat grips.

One - they will last forever, very well made.

Two - The claim to help grip strength seems true to me, but its not a magic bullet. I used them on my less intense deadlift days, and for dumbbell rows and thats really all that seemed needed. However do not use them to the point they prevent effective training with high weight if that is your goal for the day, not worth it.

(DougH) #7

Here is my take.

Heavy deadlifts do a great job of increasing your grip strength. Grip isolation exercises including fat grips simply tax your grip, and those muscles take some time to recover.

So if you lift less on your compound lifts because the fat grips smoked your grip strength then they aren’t additive to your training, they are actually taking away from it.

Put more weight on the bar using progressive overload and your grip strength will increase for free.