Fat Fiction Documentary

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Maybe a repost…

Fat Fiction - that premieres March 13 in Los Angeles.

Written and directed by Jennifer Isenhart, Fat Fiction is narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman, and features appearances by some of the most familiar names in the low carb movement, including Dr. Jason Fung, Nina Teicholz, Gary Taubes, Professor Tim Noakes, and LowCarb USA® co-founder Doug Reynolds.

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This was a great video Troy, nice to see it up for free. I just watched it the other day on amazon prime but amazing number of Keto practitioners on it. Very worthwhile watch.

Here is the full version on youtube, but I don’t know how long it will be there

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Thanks for the link.

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I’m watching this on Amazon Prime. Amazing video.

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I just watched this on Prime, really good, hopefully help get the word out to lots more people.