Fat cell discovery - April 30, 2019, University of Melbourne

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Interesting. Not a lot of information or there about progenitor cells. I’ll put that study on my todo list.

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It will be interesting to learn the different roles of each subtype of fat cell. I just hope the goal of these researchers is not another magic pill…


Usually it is the goal to find new chemical solutions, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from the science if it’s done properly. I get that having metabolically active fat cells is interesting, and I certainly don’t want unhealthy ones. But what can be done about it is probably what I’m already doing, unless some new tidbit of information comes along that’s a game-changer.

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Thats a given. “How can we leverage this knowledge?”

That leverage usually raises its ugly head in the form of pseudoscience. Claims being made that sense “we have discovered that this is this and that is that, therefore if you follow our diet plan, you will lose weight, regrow hair, feel younger, look younger, stop aging, clear up acne, strengthen immune system…” the list goes on. The health benefits will vary based on the target audience. As long as they dont claim it cures something, they can say it ‘helps’ any damn thing they want. Just like the snake oil sales you see in the malls selling “The Q-bracelet” or “copper sox” or “magnetic shoe inserts… reconenct your body to the Earths magnetic field that your shows are blocking. Its like being barefoot walking through a field feeling the earths magnetic field go through your feet!”

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I remember from Gary Taubes book how he described this kind of investigations.
When you hit your head with a hammer you know the cause of the pain is hitting your head with the hammer; but understanding the biological mechanism of pain may help you at best to make pain killers so you can hit your head more.