Fat Adapted Ultra Marathon

(ianrobo) #1

Just watching Finding Traction about Ultra Marathoner Nikki Kimball.

The film is about doing a 270mile trail run in Vermont and guess what she has for food, yep eggs, bacon, high fat :slight_smile:

quick google and confirmed she is fat adapted and Keto - http://www.enduranceplanet.com/nikki-kimball-on-depression-a-fat-adapted-diet-and-ultrarunning/

How much more evidence is needed for anyone involved all but very explosive sports ?

(Larry Lustig) #2

And for those you can just supplement with maltitol, right?

(ianrobo) #3

ha ha if you want your stomach in bits ! in theory of course yep, thats it and it will come as more and more do it … and more importantly admit to it

I am convinced now that most endurance athletes for the vast majority of the time are Keto/LCHF and defintely fat adapted when competing.

(Tom Seest) #4

Well played.