Fat Adapted Point

(Louis) #1

Im one month into the carnivore diet. My main motivation to starting the diet was visceral fat loss which I find extremely hard to lose. On a side note my body feels great my emotional baseline seems to be elevated. I know I still not reach my fat adapted point as after 6 hours of not eating I still feel hunger but I certainly feel its coming. My question here is when I reach fat adapted, whenever that is, does body fat loss accelerate? If im losing 0.5kg fat a week which is great but could this potentially increase.

(Ken) #2

No, not necessarily. You may be adapted, it differs for people. At your current fat loss rate, what you’re experiencing is normal. A higher loss rate can easily slow your metabolism, normal is less than one kilo per Week. The fact you still experience hunger is good, and shows your metabolism is working normally. Loss of hunger can indicate a slow down that could lead to a Stall. Just continue on and enjoy the ride.

A half kilo is about 3,850 calories, more than 500 calories per day, a significant and healthy loss per day.

(Elizabeth ) #3

I gained 8 lbs my first month of carnivore and didn’t lose it until I increased to eating almost 3 lb of meat a day. Carnivore is not a weight loss diet your body may decide to put on muscle or heal organs or work on autoimmune issues or resolve pre-diabetes. You don’t have control over that.


Are you tracking your intake? Are you under eating? I’d think with the protein and fat you’d be taking in you wouldn’t be hungry on basically all meat. You’re not eating all lean meat or something are you?

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(Louis) #6

Your username. Incredible results. What did you meal look like in a day? IM eating til satiety in the morning. Consists of 300 grams of ribeye, 500g mince meat, 5 fried eggs all cooked in butter. At that all good for me. Only eat when hungry.

(Louis) #7

No I don’t track my intake. I eat until satiety. Its constant now. Eat a big meal in the morning until comfortably full and small meal in the evening. Consists of ribeye steak, mince meat, eggs, butter. My protein to fat ratio is roughly 1:3 3000 calories a day. Give or take.


1 month is fab…welcome to zero carb!!

What Elizedge said is a good post. You have to remember your body is still healing and changing. That timeline will be different for all of us on zc.

and while losing, our bodies when dropping fat are also releasing toxins into our body from those cells so your body does have to deal with those also. Kinda like just an adaption thru all body changes we experience are required. Your appetite will change around, eat as needed, follow what your body is asking from you and when your hormones are balanced more and other situations thru healing our bodies kick in with health benefits, such as weight loss, which is a symptom of an unhealthy body.

Glad you are eating so well and you are receiving some great benefits like better emotions and such! So happy to hear tho you are doing fine now and literally keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the zero carb lifestyle! it gives so much to us!


0.5 kg a week is great…

I don’t know if fat adaptation on carnivore is different regarding these, I only know mine that I got after several weeks on keto but it had very noticeable benefits.
It easily may help with fat-loss but it’s only one factor, it won’t necessarily speed up yours.
Again for the normal keto fat-adaptation I unlocked: I get hungry 3 hours after a not big enough meal just the same… My hunger and satiation changed but not this, I typically have 3 hours between my meals on the same day if I have more than one. As far as I know, fat adaptation is pretty different for different people and it makes sense… Getting hungry is normal, your body tells you it needs more fuel, even just 2-3 hours after a meal (I have zero if the meal is too tiny). My body prefers smaller eating windows on every diet. So I get hungry soon if my food isn’t enough for 24 hours. But I don’t get hungry easily before my first meal (I had that all my life but now it’s a bit even more pronounced) and it’s not my old hunger at all. But some people get my fat adaptation benefits just being in ketosis… It’s individual, probably subject to change, I think I was healthy to begin with but others have problems and they interfere… It’s very complex.

If you have much fat to lose, you probably get away with a bigger amount of energy coming from your fat reserves but there are limits. Your fat-loss is nice, not everyone can lose 1-2kg per week long term while eating as much as they want… I wouldn’t worry about it, if the pace will quicken, fine, it not, that’s fine too. It’s not like you suffer and understandably want quick results, you will get there comfortably.

(Ken) #11

What you’re doing sounds good. Especially the not eating until hungry. I was.not totally carnivoire, but was on most days. At times I had to have some fibrous veggies or I would over eat on meat and fat.

I should now call myself 260lbfatloss, I’ve lost another 20 this Spring. I’m trying to clean up loose skin issues and possibly see my abs.

(Kirk Wolak) #12

Are you doing fasting?
It’s amazing for getting rid of the loose skin… I have no loose skin. But I’ve only lost HALF as much as you. I’m done losing though, maintenance for the last year. I’ve NEVER maintained weight loss near this for a year! Within a year, it was all back on…

Anyways, try to do ADF (Eat Mon, Wed, Friday) To force your body to digest your excess skin during autophagy…

Great job!

(Troy) #13

Mind me asking have you started a baseline?
Is that what you are loosing or plan to

Going forward, are/have you check this by a DEXA Scan?

That can be rather expensive if so
$45 per scan locally for me
Just sayin🙂

Good Luck

(Sama Hoole) #14

A pound of fat in a week is probably as good as it gets. Any more and it’s likely muscle mass and transient weight loss. Unless you’re getting through a huge deficit. But like I said, you’ve on the sweet spot, so keep at it.