Fat Adapted and Still Excreting Ketones in Urine: Survey 🔎

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I am from a similar vintage, and I remember my record collection very well. I think my wife forced me to bin them in one of our many house moves… shame. But taking good care of your records to avoid the scratches was an art, and was a good discipline for a callow youth.

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Blood ketones are like blood glucose. It’s what your body keeps “in the system” based on an expectation of demand.

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I have never measured ketones. It is quite possible I have never been in ketosis. But given my carbs are less than 20g per day, I am confident I am in ketosis and the magical body chemistry is just happening without me having to prove it to myself.

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Interesting… but keep measuring Regina, it is a very worthwhile experiment. This could be an outlier.

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Alec, can I send you the bill? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You most certainly can. I don’t promise to pay it, but you can definitely send it to me. :joy::+1:

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I still have a lot and have no idea what to do with them. I also have recordings of MacArthur’s speeches, as well as records made at family gatherings. I once (30 years ago) had them all put on tape. Which was great, until the new puppy ate the tape. There are still record players around, I think? Or just take them somewhere and have them put on flashdrives? Eessh, the money involved. But they are taking up precious real estate in my closet. Marie Kondo to the rescue.

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There certainly are. It is now quite a specialised arena, they are expensive and high quality, but the enthusiasts swear that vinyl provides a better sound that digital (not so sure myself!). I bought a vinyl to digital converter turntable many years back and never got it to work. I gave up too easily. No patience with technical gremlins.


I used sticks the first week or so but havent bought anymore since I got the meter for testing blood ketones.
Sorry I can’t participate at the moment.

It is an interesting experiment and it will be good to get some info from those who do both or all three types of testing as to the correlation or value of doubling/tripling up for results.

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Except it kinda is…******* on a stick at least and hopefully not on your hands :wink:


Makes sense to me Regina.

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Thanks for the feedback. You are my first response! Oh dear, system just informed me I am being a hog! Too much discourse on my part!

Okay Others, join the conversation!

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Wow that’s funny!
I have probably nothing of value to add here. I am interested to read but I’ve never tested my ketones. I am over a year out now so if I had strips I’d add my results here.


I am a bit of a dud in this test unfortunately.
The keto blood test strips are pretty pricey here and so are my BGL strips now.
I am not able to get any concessions because my doctor now has classed me as a former diabetic not needing to test…and won’t recommend subsidized Blood glucose testing strips for me.

In Australia, I am living proof that the health system penalizes you for taking control of your own health and improving it! :laughing:

Regina I am sure that message is a part of the package and not genuine feedback from the moderators.
My own experience has been that the numbers are empowering and I benefitted greatly initially when I needed to see I was progressing into ketosis, with the pee stick’s colour coding.
The blood ketone meter is also a great tool for me and more useful than the sticks because I do like to know the correlation between what I eat, how much I eat and what level of ketones I have circulating. And the ketone meter strips come in foil individual packages so don’t deteriorate in a few weels as the pee sticks did for me 3x.
Today I am interested because my blood levels of glucose are pretty low and my ketones are reasonable. So I think I am genuinely relying on ketones for energy now.

Without the blood meters I couldn’t have that level of infomation to empower me and keep on trucking through the blizzard of misinformation.

I hope someone gets funding to do a conclusive data gathering comparison on this, it is important information, particularly with the “acceptable” margin of error the blood testing meters have.

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I know, that was a joke. I have figured out how the Discourse system works. Congrats on being a former diabetic!


Thanks Regina. It’s been a long haul to make it into a change of status. Would have been way quicker had I found keto earlier.

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To all you folks out there who have provided info so far a grateful THANK YOU. I encourage you to provide some recent test results as well if you haven’t yet. Remember, all we need to know is if you colour the stick. Don’t need to know how much or little. We are NOT trying to determine how reliable or accurate these things are - ONLY if they change colour or not after you’re fat adapted.

Hey all you fat burners who don’t or haven’t ever tested your urine for ketones, why not join us and let us know if it works for you or not. If the brand of keto sticks seem expensive, shop around. I initially thought the Walmart where I work would have the cheapest price locally. Not so! Walmart sells a box of 50 for $25. I found the exact brand box of 50 at my local Loblaws super for $7! Maybe you will too.

Let me say a special thank you to @Regina for quickly becoming the indisputable backbone of this topic! 27% has got to be some kind of record, I’m sure. Again, thank you one and all.

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From what you’ve said, I would say you’re nicely fat adapted :blush:

(Bob M) #60

The problem is, we see this all the time: “I did X (say, ate more protein), and my ketones decreased (or increased)”. I can honestly say that, other than fasting for multiple days (raises ketone level), I have no idea what affects my ketone (or blood sugar) levels. (MCT oils might also make ketones rise, particularly breath ketones.) And that’s with 3.5 years of testing, almost 1,900 samples, using urine, breath, and blood, 2 different ketone testers, 6 different blood sugar testers. I personally gave up testing using urine strips years ago, as I had many tests where blood and breath indicated ketones and urine strips said anywhere between no ketones and high ketones. And blood and breath ketones are rarely in synch (unless fasting multiple days).

For instance, I thought eating late at night caused higher morning blood sugar. But I can show you many instances where that is not true. High protein = lower ketones? Maybe, maybe not.

The problem with these measurements for me is that I’ve been low carb/keto 5.5 years. My “high” ketone values now are nowhere close to where they were 3+ years ago. I could see 3.0+ mmol/L BHB back then while eating. I can’t get to that now unless it’s in the evening and I’ve fasted at least 3 days. I am out of ketosis every morning, even fasting 32 hours, if “ketosis” = 0.5 mmol/L.

Moreover, my blood sugar goes up from about midnight to about noon, then down all day until midnight. I can thank my CGM for that realization. And my ketones follow an inverse pattern (lower in the morning and higher at night). So, if I want to test what happens to ketones, I have to make the tests at the same time during the day, otherwise I can’t compare. And even then, the error in testing is quite high, for both ketones and blood.

I’ve reached the conclusion that testing, while interesting, yields little real benefit. I also think high ketones might indicate (if you’re eating) excess energy and therefore, unless you have cancer or some other reason to try for higher ketones, high ketones are bad.

Anyway, here’s some data fof you, from 2016. It goes date, day, time, ketones (blood, Precision Xtra), Ketonix breath value, urine strips, notes. I have not shown many other columns of data (see the column headings): Now, three years later, my ketonix rarely gets above 40, and my blood ketones are rarely above 1.0. Urine has little relationship to blood and breath. (And note that the rows for me are up to 1,886 tests.)

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By the way, if you think you see a pattern in this data, I can guarantee I can find data that shows that pattern does not hold all the time.