Fasting: the full movie on YouTube


It is free, you can make a donation if you like. Lots of great info and good interviews with Dr. Fung, Dr. Satchin Panda, etc.

(Mary McNeight) #2

Given the fact that this is such a low quality video it looks bootlegged to me. Just watch it on Amazon Prime for FREE so that the makers get credit and maybe Amazon will fund a series about it.


Thank you for posting this collaroygal! :grin:


It didn’t come up for me on Prime videos, but that is nothing new, they rarely turn up anything I want watch. I use my Prime for books mostly. I just hope people share it wherever they find it. Lots of good info. in it.

(Mary McNeight) #5

Just search for Fasting in prime videos. Fasting The Full Movie is not the name of the movie.