Fasting....SecondBreakfast had no breakfast


So, I’m well into day 4 of fasting, and feeling some heat. Like, internal heat. Doesn’t seem to be a hot flash though. My cheeks are a bit rosy and warm. Actually, my whole body is. But not the super-hot - hot-flash kind of heat. I’m taking this as a sign that some good stuff is going on internally.

And another weird thing. My eyes are extraordinarily colorful today. It shocked me when I looked it the mirror this morning. I have blue eyes…and they aren’t like the normal greyish-blue…they are freaking amazing bright blue! Can’t help but wonder if all the crap is getting burnt out of my body, and clear things up. Anyone else notice this sort of thing happening while fasting?

Wondering if the effects of fasting might be more pronounced or intensified now that have lost nearly 50 pounds. (40 more will put me inside my goal weight range; beyond that is just the cherry on top.) So, that just the intensity of the fasting now is what I’m thinking is causing these slightly weird effects.

As for fasting itself, feels like I am rocking this one pretty well while my husband is out of town. Without having to cook for him, it makes this so much easier. I’m trying to work through day 4 - because this is typically when the energy skyrockets for me. Hasn’t quite happened yet, so that’s a bit curious. It could be because Aunt Flo decided to drop in - unannounced - this morning. (I really do love not having cramps and bloating anymore, but I do appreciate some sort of warning shot - so as not to be caught off guard.) Might just take a nap, and see how we go.

Take care all - and please give a shout out - if you’ve experienced this kind of “weirdness” while fasting! I’d love to hear about it!!!


Ending my 5th full day of fasting. Feeling pretty good, with the exception of an occasional stomach growl. Given that I am not likely to end this tonight, and try to follow through again tomorrow- that will be a new record (for me). I admire those who’ve done it longer, and I strive to get to a point where I can go a week or two also.

There is no real pressure on me to end fasting at this point. The birthday dinner the other night would have been the perfect excuse for ending it, but, I just didn’t feel the need or desire to end it just yet. The upcoming week still holds massively long work days, plus overtime, then packing for a weekend trip; followed up by starting the last of the 5 kids in school, then taking off for Atlanta for 4 days- for a wedding. The dress fit was fantastic 10 pounds ago, so I’d imagine it’ll be even better now. That is exciting to me.

The other massive, massive hurdle I am clearing today, is the emotional eating hurdle. For people who don’t emotionally eat - as a form of escape or comfort, this might be hard to understand. But for those who do, being able to conquer that beast is miraculous. So, today was the first year anniversary of my brother’s death. When my parents died, I know on the anniversary dates- I was a wreck, and ate myself into oblivion. This time, I’m fasting. I’ll be way healthier for it, and emotionally/mentally stronger too.

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Great job with your fast! :clap:

I’m curious, what kinds of numbers are you seeing? I’m happy with my numbers 48hrs in.

I’m thinking I’ll only do a 72hr fast once a month, with 48hr fasts most of the other weeks (like 2xa month)


Thank you! I’ve not done anything in terms of measuring ketones, etc. I don’t have any of those tools. I just weigh in, and measure myself. Since beginning Monday afternoon, I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist - which is pretty incredible. I’ve had multiple Michilin tires stacked around my midsection for over 2 decades. Seeing that there is actually a waistline there, is mind-blowing. Everything else is tightening up- arms, chin, neck, legs…
I have lost about 7 pounds as well. I do have to account for Aunt Flo, though. That’s usually about 3-5 pounds of water and bloating.

As far as supplements, the potassium, magnesium, iron complex, and ginger capsules are it.
Drinking only water, salted water (salt and No-Salt), a coffee with MCT and butter or HWC, iced tea - no sweetener, and some of the Hint waters. Maybe a fizzy too. No broth, no bone broth.

The only reason for the butter is to keep my stomach quiet while at work. I’m at 124 hours now, and except for that occasional grumble, coping okay.

As far as measuring tools or instruments- what would you recommend? I’m pretty clueless about that sort of thing. Thank you!!!

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You could use something like the KetoMojo (it’s less expensive that the PrecisionXtra). That would let you tank glucose and ketones.

I got my doc to write a prescription for the FreeStyle Libre, a flash glucose monitor. It records the days, but I have to scan to see a current reading.

Tracking isn’t necessary, as you have lots of NSVs! But, it can be helpful to see trends.

I’m a small person, so I’m tracking to make sure I stay healthy. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll look into the Keto Mojo. I’ve never done any kind of testing, other than Keto sticks and a yearly CBC. So, this will be a new thing.

It sounds like the glucose monitor is an excellent choice for you, too! I think its awesome that your doctor wrote you a script for the monitor! You’re so diligent in pursuing your health goals, its inspiring. But even more, you seem far more knowledgeable about your own health-trends than many MD’s may be these days. (Sorry, but I’ve come across too many docs that seem brain dead when it comes to linking diet and incorrect prescriptions to health issues.) I just love how you pursue and perservere!!! You’re awesome!

As for new things today…I’m starting out Day 6 of the fast. I wasn’t sure how long this fast was going to go on. I woke up expecting to be groggy, tired and have a headache. I have NONE of that. Stomach is slightly growly, but nothing like one might expect after 6 days of no food. This is truly remarkable. Weightwise, I am at 183 this morning. (This includes Aunt Flo’s contribution to water weight and bloat.) The uncharted waters of fasting this long have been pretty calm and easy to navigate. Today is a long shift at work, and I won’t get done until 630pm. Which wipes out most of the day, but, the plan is to plant some mums in the front yard when I get home - in order to keep me out of the kitchen. =)

Right now, the physical changes in my body seem more subtle - to me, at least. For my SIL -who hasn’t seen me since December when I weighed 232 - she will likely be shocked. We’re going to visit her and her family this coming weekend. That’ll be fun. No one has seen me this thin in over 23 years.

Made it through yesterday, without losing my marbles. I just sat in the Jeep with my fizzy water- listening to some old Bob Seger, and thinking of my brother. Bob Seger was the first concert he ever went to. He had saved his money from mowing lawns, bought the vinyl -Night Moves - when it first came out, and, we’d lay on the floor in his bedroom listening to it over and over. (I think he ended up with most of the albums over the years, as he collected them.) He loved that music. So, he begged our parents, and they let him go to the concert - but not me. He was two years older, and a boy - so, there. But, those are fond memories, and the happiness thinking about those times is what replaces the sadness and heartache of losing him so soon. I get tears in my eyes thinking about it - but that’s all normal. Just glad the two of us had some wonderful memories together, and for that, I am truly grateful.

Well…that is it for now. Thanks for reading and commenting. This thread is really a diary for me (and others) to go back and read - so when fasting again, I’ll know for sure that I can do this. Cheers!

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I think it helps that my doc is fairly young and he’s also interested in what I’m doing.
I’m glad you are doing well with your fast. Its good that you are keeping notes in this post about your fast, so you can compare later fasts to it :slight_smile:


Made it 7 days! YAY!!! Longest fast I’ve ever done, and gotta say…I feel FABULOUS! Re-feeding with about 7 very small bites of lovely prime rib, salted, and dipped in butter. (The prime rib was leftover from my son’s birthday dinner.) If that is my OMAD - the meat will spoil before I finish it…Just not feeling all that hungry. Truly incredible!

While the meat was really wonderful, I kinda feel let down. LIke, the desire to eat - or anticipation of eating again- was really meh. I was intent on savoring the steak,and it did taste good, but it wasn’t all that exciting to eat again. Does that sound weird? I mean, after 7 days, wouldn’t you think that there’d be some sort of excitement or heightened enjoyment of eating? It just wasn’t there.

While that seems disappointing in some regards, I’m seeing it as a gigantic PLUS. If I don’t get excited about eating stunning prime rib after 7 days of fasting, then that kinda puts food in general into a “take it or leave it” category for me. Only time will tell, but, this revelation makes me wonder if a food addiction is now ending. And, if the emotional eating crutch that I’ve leaned on for so long is gone.

I’ve still got a few hurdles to jump yet this year, that are triggers for the emotional eating - but, if I can get through those, then, I’ll feel pretty victorious.

Fasting is awesome for so many reasons!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is amazing, I am so impressed and proud of you, and you definitely should be proud of yourself too.


Thank you, dear one!!!

I’m mostly just gobsmacked at how uninterested I am in eating after fasting this long. Just came off working 10 hours, on only 5 hours of sleep - and don’t feel any worse for the wear.

Its kinda cool being able to say that I’ve lost 50 pounds now, too. :joy: You, along with the forum family, give so much encouragement and support - its the reason I can get through this! Thank you so much!!!

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I feel the same about all of you, the encouragement and support is awesome, I agree, so thank you as well!! and all the lovely people here =).

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Honestly, I usually don’t feel hungry most of the time. I know I need to eat, but even after my 74 hour fast my reaction was much like yours. I was also kinda “meh” about eating again.

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Congratulations on reaching 7 days @SecondBreakfast and thanks for sharing your journey. I’ve been contemplating a longer fast beyond 24-30 hours, your diary entries have helped me a great deal.