Fasting on the graveyard shift

(April Harkness) #1

My main shift is morning but once or twice a month i will volunteer for the 11pm to 7am shift. This used to be the shift that would derail me and i would eat anything and everything. Not bc i was hungry. But bc i was bored. Thanks to Intermittent Fasting, just knowing this is not my eating window has made this shift less stressful for me…i won’t eat till i am home. Intermittent fasting will keep me on the straight and narrow and just simplifies my life.

(LJ) #2

This is so true for me too. It’s surprisingly easy to bypass temptations when I’ve clearly named my fast window. All the mental bargaining about if, what, how much, how often doesn’t even start. That, in turn, strengthens my resolve and choice making in the much shorter eat windows.

(Jules ) #3

Yes, I find fasting makes my night duties go so much better too. Less GI upset and just feel better all around. I do have to do them regularly as well as rotating to morning/afternoon shifts. Not eating (or just eating some butter if I start to feel crappy) has been a game changer for me.

(Murphy Kismet) #4

When the idea of shoving something in my mouth would crop up, I’d guzzle my ketoade and quell that urge. Push through those urges and remind yourself of why you’re fasting.

I’d take a moment to glance at my fasting app from Life. It tells me either what my body is doing right now, or what it will be doing later, ie: ketosis, autophagy, increase in BDNF, etc. It would help boost my resolve to push through those moments of weakness. “Oh yeah, that’s why I’m doing this! :nerd_face: In three hours my body will start doing it’s garbage-man thing and getting rid of the detritus clogging up my path to health.” Yay! ~guzzles ketoade~

(Khara) #5

I downloaded this app. I already had a different one but I like what you said about it telling you of milestones. I won’t start a fast until tonight. It was a little weird that the app asked for a user name and then displayed my full name instead and I can’t see where it uses the user name. It looks like most people have accepted this and allow it to show their full name. I changed mine to my initials. Do you find any of the “circles” helpful and with people of healthy mindset.

(Murphy Kismet) #6

No, i don’t find much use in the circles in Life fasting app. I check them out, but there’s usually nothing. Or I haven’t found out how to use them lol
The articles are nice though :slight_smile: