Fasting mini-milestones; changing it up; encouraging words and bragging a bit


Ended a planned 3-5 day water fast today at 86 hours (nearly 4 full days). But I plan to resume the water fast tomorrow at noon after only 1-day of re-feeding.

My logic is that I wanted to do 5-6 days but my body said it was time to eat (light headedness despite electrolytes) around noon today (11-7-18) so I had a cup of coffee with 2 Tbsp of HWC and three Splendas, then just one avocado to begin re-feeding. Felt good. For dinner, 6 hours later, I had a small green salad, some tuna fish salad and a small piece of cheese. I know that is short on needed calories but I plan to resume a water-fast tomorrow at noon after a large brunch of coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon. I want to continue some of the glycogen dump momentum.

Then it is back onto the water fast for another 48 hours or so. That would total right at 6 days overall in one week. Not a true 6 days (really a 4-1-2) but I want to change it up, I’ve been too predicable with my 3-day fasting regimens.

My near-4-day fast was one of my best ever. Dropped nearly 9 pounds over that time – from 216.8 (after eating three pieces of apple pie) down to 207.0. My ketones never got above a “trace” on pee sticks despite the the long fast and my FBG ranged from 76-84. Burning more fat?

I did not see a wild swing of BG levels during the fast – never went below 69 or went higher than 85. Does that mean my insulin resistance is improving? Not sure. My previous extended fast dropped my BG levels into the 50s. These seemed more stable.

That 207.0 pounds (a 48.4 loss since April 8) was my lowest weight since mid 1990, that’s my lowest in 28 years!! 208 was a mini-goal and I beat that by a pound.

Next two goals are 205 (hopefully next week) which would signify a 50-pound loss. The next one would be major and the obvious 199-pound goal (-56).

My main goal is to be 180 pounds by April 2019, a loss of 75 total from a starting weight of 255 this past April 8. I weighed 180 pounds when I entered Marine Corps boot camp in 1969 – 50 years ago. All-time lowest adult weight of 125-130 pounds as a grunt in Vietnam is, well, apple pie in the sky dreams…and nightmares.

Finally, I started LCHF/Keto wearing a tight 46-inch waist khakis and jeans. Today, I bought sized 42 jeans but had to bring them back because they were clearly too big and baggy. I then easily slipped into a size 40 for the first time in about 15 years. I hope these are just temporary and that 38s will be on my shopping list before the end of the year.

I hope these small milestones help you to keto and fast on. It can be done.

Sorry, just wanted to brag a little bit.


Haha! :grinning:
I enjoyed the story!
Good job and good luck!! :+1:


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(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #4

That could mean you are now fat adapted.

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@GentleBen you may be interested in the “snake diet”.
Basically a “bigger” version of Dr. Fungs fasting regime.
Longer fasts and shorter feeds - and a thing called “snake juice” (similar to ketoaide).
But, the guy is fun to watch and (although not always correct) has a ton of good insights for people wanting to do lots of close-together extended fasts.
Just look up “snake diet” on youtube or (for a parade of semi clothed people) “snake diet” on facebook.


Are you sure you did a true “water-only” fast – no coffee, tea, HWC, bone broth, sweeteners, etc.?

I only add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, salt and a tablespoon of magnesium citrate to about 10 ounces of tap-cool water in the morning and chug it down for enzyme and electrolyte boost. That kills the morning hunger. Then it is just plain ice water, carbonated ice water and salt the rest of the day. That’s it. No cheats or crutches on water-fasting days.

I do take my heart meds and some supplements (magnesium, krill oil) on fasting days. A whole fistful of supplements go down my gullet on non-fasting days.

Only exercise I do while fasting is a two-mile dog walk when weather allows. When my weight goes down another 20 pounds I will begin some weight training that won’t endanger my old, damaged heart.

When I quit drinking coffee on fast days it helped my weight loss. Doesn’t help everyone though. I noticed a difference. And I’m striving for the mythical and elusive thing they call autophagy to help with my scar tissue on my heart and loose skin. It’s helping with the skin but I won’t know about the heart for a couple of more months.

NOTE: That 9-pound loss (probably 2-3 pounds of fat loss) was my best. Most of my 3-4-5 day water-only fast results in losses of an average of about 5 pounds (about 1.5 to 2 pounds of fat loss). My weight chart looks like a roller coaster ride but each successive dip goes a little below the previous one. More important to me, is that re-feeding peaks progressively get lower and lower.

LCHF/Keto combined with IF and EF fasting can work for significant and relatively painless weight loss … if you do it correctly. It’s not a matter of secrets and miracles. It’s work and dedication. And I feel better for it.


So close now. Weighed in at 205.8 this morning. Less than a pound from my first major goal of 50 pounds lost.

Am still on an EF and was going to end the second leg tonight with a small meal at 50 hours. This is my 6th day of the water-only fast that was punctuated only by a small meal Wednesday.

But I think I can go yet another half day or so … just so I can see that milestone fall on Saturday morning.

Then I’m going smoke a brisket for the college football games.


Well if you can eat and it still counts as fasting I’ve been fasting for over 40 years. LoL

(Carpe salata!) #10

I think you’d have to be eating low-cal at least to count it as fasting :wink: That counts out my 40yrs that would be counted under your criteria lol


I know better than that. It just goes down as a 4-day and a 2-day fast with a minor refeed in between. But the result was water-fasting 6 of 7 straight days and a total weight loss of -10.8 pounds.

It tells me I might have a good plan there and next week will try 2-1-2 in five days.


My refeeding day was less than 20 carbs and it did not halt my weight loss.




For the next three days I will be eating higher than normal protein but still low carb. That smoked brisket will last a few days. Meat and smothered cabbage will be on the menu.


And after losing 10.8 this week, I fully expect to regain 5 or so over the next three days. A net loss of nearly 5 pounds over 10 days ain’t bad and puts me back in good re-fed condition to embark on the next fast. I gotta plan that goes through Thanksgiving. Now to carry it out.

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Ben, you’ve got high velocity here, and I think the experience to know it doesn’t always necssarily continue. Your perception and determination will carry you through, whatever happens. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree, this fast was super productive and I feel fine. FBG 68, BP 129/69 and barely trace pee ketones.

I normally aim to experience a net loss of 1.5+ pounds after 48-72 EFs and subsequent refeeding. I just happen to hit a real sweet spot this time.

(Doug) #18

Yeah, for sure. Most of us really can only manage about a half pound of fat loss per day, when fasting, unless we’re really big at the get-go. You’ve got a lot of enthusiasm and (obviously) life experience to temper it with, but you’ve also got an endearing innocence - continued good luck, Ben. :slightly_smiling_face:


My refeed carb meal tonight:

1 medium raw avocado — 15.0
1 boiled egg — 0.5
4 small olives — 0.6
1 can sardines in olive oil — 0.0
1 small serving of tuna salad — 1.0*
1/4 ounce slice of Gouda cheese — 0.5*
1/2 squirt of Mio in carbonated water— 0.5*

18.1 total carbs

  • overestimated values but I like to err on plus side. Actual carbs about 16.6 carbs.

Disappointed that avacado was so high in carbs because it was my least favorite item. Not a fan raw.

My FBG this morning was 69. Tonight about three hours after meal it is 66. So I may have had a slight insulin spike from the sweetener.

And I am full but a bit queasy. Similar feelings every time I eat sardines. May have to quit those little critters.


My meat fest today wasn’t as bad as
I thought. Only 5 total carbs and about 150 grams of protein — chicken, sausage and brisket.


Just to put a wrap on my fasting of last week — tonight I ended my 4-day refeeding with a big night out at a Texas de Brazil steakhouse. A huge salad bar made up most of my meal — all good veggies with a few shrimp and lots of real bacon. I estimate 25-30 carbs total. My meat/ protein was not high at all for such an outing, probably 70 grams. The only hit was on a lobster bisque that was mostly heavy cream but I don’t know what else went into it.

So, I lost 9-10 pounds last week water-fasting for 6 of 7 days. As of this morning I had only regained 0.8 pounds. A real success. Tomorrow morning, after this feast, I expect that will be up another 2 pounds. Still a net loss of about 6.5 pounds over 10 days.

Now, well fed, I am into 4 hours of another 3-day fast. Wish me luck.