Fasting Labs

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I am 51 hours into a planned 96 hour fast. I have asked my doctor to put in for some lab work. It’s that time of year. Due for a yearly visit, but don’t really have any issues. I was anemic a few years ago so I want to keep on top of that. Fasting insulin is one of the tests I have requested. I’ve had that drawn before and the numbers were good.

My question is, I will be 60+ hours fasted if I have my blood done tomorrow morning. Will this skew my numbers for any of the other results such as cholesterol? I can wait and have it done some time next week if that’s the case. Thanks for any input.

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Definitely will skew cholesterol results. It will be higher from metabolism of body fat. You should only be fasted 12-16 hours for cholesterol scans. Also don’t drink coffee the morning of a cholesterol test while eating KETO, that will inflate results too even if your doctor says it’s okay to have it black. Coffee aids in the metabolism of body fat into the blood when you’re in ketosis. You want things to be closer to how you are normally when getting tests, not how you are when doing something out of the ordinary like extended fasting generally. Also your cholesterol numbers may not look as good if you’re actively dropping body fat. KETO often means higher LDL and Total Cholesterol but it tends to balance out with raised HDL and lowered triglycerides for an actual improvement of the bigger picture as far as heart disease is concerned. :cowboy_hat_face:

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That’s exactly what I want to know. Thank you! I will put it off until next week.

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