Fasting Insulin <2 MIU/L


(John) #1

Dear all,

Been in ketosis for about 3 months ( with the occasional higher carb day) and I just had my fasting insulin tested - it came to 1.8 MIU/L. Is this too low?

Kind regards,


(mike) #2

I’m curious too. My last fasting insulin was 1.7.

I could not find anything significant when searching. I did recently hear Dr Limansky on Keto Hacking podcast say he recently got a 2.0. Didn’t make any big deal about it.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #3

Are you guys Type I diabetics? It would also be nice to know what your HbA1c came in at, and any other bloodwork numbers.

(John) #4

Not diabetic - just prefer being in ketosis for the numerous benefits. I didn’t test for HbA1c

(John) #5

Interesting. I guess as long as it is not 0 it is ok

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #6

I would guess, then, that as long as you are feeling okay, you’re fine. The brain needs a certain level of insulin in order to function, and if you didn’t have enough, you’d know. You’re obviously giving your brains enough β-hydroxybutyrate to make them happy.

BTW, any idea what your serum glucose was at the point your insulin was so low? It would be fascinating to know.

And now I can’t remember why I thought you guys might be Type I diabetics. Huh! Looks as though my brain might need a few more ketones, lol!

(John) #7

Unfortunately I didn’t test serum glucose at the time! I did the lipid profiles, serum ferritin, and HS-CRP. What tests would you recommend (aside from glucose obviously)?

(mike) #8

I did my fasting insulin and glucose at the lab, at the same time.
Insulin was 1.7 uIU/mL
Glucose was 103 mg/dL

(Jake Davis) #9

That’s so awesome, have you done it sense? How long has it been since you were doing keto and doing the test. Were you on it for a long time before you started testing?