Fasting for 4 days

(Chelsea Barnett) #1

I’m starting a fast this morning and plan to reach 4 days. I was inspired by a fellow member up here who is actually doing a 7 day fast and I was so impressed I decided to jump on board and join her midway, as I can’t see myself doing a 7 day fast quite yet. @Danniidh37

The part I am worried about is energy levels but I’m going to pray about this and hope I can make it through. This is a big step for me. I have only made it 30hr in the past when I tried.

Any tips or encouragement is appreciated more than you think. I am doing this to maybe help kick start my weight loss as I am stalling. And also for the other benefits. I have also decided to use this fast to get back closer to God. This is my choice and something my mom suggested to me. As I have been struggling with some personal issues lately.

(Short224) #2

That’s awesome good luck you can do it! I am not ready for that as I’m still pretty hungry everyday . Keep us posted on how everything goes .

(Chelsea Barnett) #3

I don’t know if I’m ready or not. But I’m going to find out. :slight_smile: thanks

(Alexia Falcone ) #4

you can do it! I am 5 days in … just remember the first 2 days are the toughest and after you will sail through :blush:

(Chelsea Barnett) #5

That’s a relief. I was afraid it would get harder. I’m already a little hungry. My last meal was last night but I had coffee with artificial sweetener this morning so I’m starting my fasting time this morning. I’m hoping I won’t feel dizzy from going 4 days without food but we shall see

(Chelsea Barnett) #6

And congrats on 5 days !!! I admire you for that

(Jane) #7

Best of luck to you! I broke my 3-month stall by fasting.

The longest I have done is 4 days. Just completed a 3-day fast last week and could have gone longer if it weren’t for social engagements.

My advice as a newbie myself to fasting:

  • hunger comes in waves. Just because you feel hunger now doesn’t mean you will be ravenous 4 hours from now, so don’t give up!

  • a pinch of salt under your tongue with some water can help with hunger

  • stay away from the TV (food commercials) or the smell of food if possible. Go for a walk if you work and your co-workers start cooking something for lunch that smells really good

  • the first 2 days are the hardest. It gets easier on Day 3 and 4.

  • you will miss eating (not necessarily related to hunger) and may think about food a lot. This is normal and just accept it and don’t dwell on it.

You can DO THIS!!!

(Chelsea Barnett) #8

Thanks so much for the advice. I’ve already noticed the hunger in waves on day one. And I also noticed the feeling of wanting to eat…But not bring hungry. It’s just a habit to have a small low carb snack during the day. I keep going to the fridge for no reason. Lol and then walking away. I feel more focused for some reason. I am thinking about fixing some coffee with a little HWC.
Or would that be breaking the fast ?
I usually use torani syrup but I plan on leaving it out. I just can’t drink coffee black

(Jane) #9

Technically, yes. But it depends on what your goals are. If to break a stall then a little HWC in your coffee is ok in my book and will help with the mild hunger. Especially if it keeps you going and if isn’t half a cup of HWC lol. You will get a small insulin response but not much and then you will be back in your fasted state soon.

I’ve fasted with black coffee (ugh)/water and with HWC in my coffee. The latter is easier. The sweetners can produce an insulin response even though zero calories so better if you can do w/o the Torini.

When I am fasting with black coffee and water only it is for autophagy, not weight loss so I have to be stricter. I am 59 years old and look good on paper - normal blood sugars, blood pressure, cholesterol. Not on ANY meds, which is unusual for someone staring down 60. But I also know I have a lot of “stuff” to clean up inside to keep it that way.

Good luck!

(Chelsea Barnett) #10

I just don’t want to “cheat”
I’m fasting to break this stall and for religious reasons at the same time. Uhh.
I think as long as I don’t add sweeteners and stay away from all foods… I’m still fasting. But I want to do it right. Decisions, decisions. :thinking:

(Short224) #11

I think it’s fine if you keep it at a tablespoon it would be about 50 Calories.

(Chelsea Barnett) #12

Okay. I think I’m going to do it. And just take a few sips. Especially since its close to bedtime

(Chelsea Barnett) #13

Update on my fast. On day 2. I feel like crap. But I’m down 4 lbs on the scale. So that’s encouraging. My stomach looks less bloated. My mouth has an awful taste. But I’m going to continue to fast today. Wish me luck

(Jane) #14

Hang in there! If you can muscle through today then tomorrow will be easier. Keep yourself distracted!

(Jane) #15

I replied on your other thread… but if you’ve already lost 4 pounds then you’ve lost water AND electrolytes with that so you need to supplement.

(Chelsea Barnett) #16

I added 2 pinches of salt to 24oz water. That’s my only option til my boyfriend gets home with the vehicle after 230. Hoepfully this helps.
My brother told me salt water is bad. But he isn’t doing keto. He is just into health and fitness so he might be clueless. I don’t see how a tad will hurt.

(Chelsea Barnett) #17

Also put a pinch under tongue. Actually tasted good haha

(Janet) #18

I find bone broth with a pinch of salt helps in the evening when everyone is else eating. And it replaces the electrolytes you loose (esp. if you exercise). Its only 45 cals, so tech it breaks fast, but the rule seems to be if its under 50 cals your still IN a fasted state.
Good luck!
And Im sure God will enjoy his time with you!

(Chelsea Barnett) #19

I am enjoying the prayers. I feel clarity when I’m praying and I feel like my prayers have been answered. Its amazing. I’ve never done the praying while fasting. Will definitely try to do this on a monthly basis :heart:

(Chelsea Barnett) #20

Really feeling like breaking my fast tonight. But I don’t want to. I’m 46 hrs in with no food. But only 29 hours if u count coffee with almond milk. This is longest I’ve ever gone. My highest was 30hr. I don’t want to be a quitter. But may be I took on too much for my second extended fast. Encouragement would be appreciated.
I’m hungry. I don’t really feel dizzy anymore. I just want food.