Fasting for 4 days

(Short224) #21

Break your fast that absolutely doesn’t mean your a quitter just try again and keep trying till your comfortable going longer don’t push yourself if your hungry eat 46 hours is awesome!

(Jane) #22

Can you go soak in the tub with some bath salts to relax and get your mind off eating?

And drink some more salt water.

If distraction and sakt water don’t work, then don’t feel bad if you end up breaking your fast. No such thing as failure. So easy to start and stop. Just plan your next one when it fits your schedule!


Yes, I would agree - and you can always do another fast soon!
I find it’s much easier to fast again when the last one didn’t feel punitive in any way.

(Chelsea Barnett) #24

Broke my fast you guys. I broke it with literally 3 slices of a hot dog wiener that I ate off my kids plate. Haha. I feel better now. I don’t even want more food. It’s so weird. But thanks for all the support. My next fast will be better planned and I will make sure I have the right things on hand to get me through it. Y’all are amazing and thanks for the support. I made it 48.5 hours with no food but 33 hours of you count the coffee. My longest fast yet either way.

(karen) #25

This may not work for you, but if I have a nibble of something during a planned fast, I just keep going. As they say, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. - If you are ready to end it there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t feel like all is lost because you had a bite of a hotdog.- Either way, congratulations on your longest fast yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane) #26

You did great and learned a few things, huh?

And congrats on the 48 hrs!

(Chelsea Barnett) #27

So could I keep going? Because after that I feel good. Don’t want more food. Feel like I can make it til dinner tomorrow for a meal. But I don’t want to claim I’m fasting if I’m not. So I’ll just continue and do it for me. Already let my family know I quit. They real lt aren’t supportive anyway.

(Chelsea Barnett) #28

Thanks I learned a lot:) I feel so much better. I’m going to miss my tummy looking smaller. I know I’ll bloat When I eat tomorrow :joy:

(Jane) #29

I hear ya. Last week I was fasting and was happy with how flat my stomach was when I was laying down. Could feel my hip bones. But it doesn’t last * sigh *.

(Chelsea Barnett) #30

Haha I know. When I laid down it looked really good. Crazy how 48 hr of fasting can do that. Too bad it can’t last lol. I can be happy til it goes away tho :slight_smile:

(Simon Roberts) #31

Well done, you gave it a good shot and should be pleased. I got to 4 days and stilopped as it felt right, just try not to pig out which is easier said than done! Drinking plenty of water helped me get through the fast and warm water with lemon juice gave variety.

(Chelsea Barnett) #32

Thanks. I ended up having a small meal last night. And plan on sticking strictly to omad from now on. So no coffee in mornings anymore :frowning:

(Chelsea Barnett) #33

Update. Down a total of 7 lbs with the fast. Lost 3 this morning even after breaking fast. It seems everyone is saying I will gain some of that back after continuing eating again. But I’m still happy and plan to try my best to keep it off. :slight_smile: I’m weighing 157. Finally in the 150s. I had made a goal for myself to hit under 160 before September 1st and it looks like I did it. Thanks again for support. :slight_smile:

(Simon Roberts) #34

I am visiting my home county of Cornwall in a couple of weeks, home to Cornish Clotted Cream . . . I will be in my element :).

(Chelsea Barnett) #35

Yum. Lol enjoy

(Teresa (turtle)) #36

That’s my current goal too! Currently on day two of a fast to get below 160! Scale today was 163.2. How long was your last fast?

(Chelsea Barnett) #37

Only 48.5 hours. Was aiming for a 4 day but I couldn’t do it.

(Teresa (turtle)) #38

Thanks for responding Chelsea. I am in hour 39 now and have dropped .8 pounds since Day #1. I am sure that it will take at least 5 days for my body to release 4 more pounds.

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #39

Bragging ill becomes you sir! (And how I envy you!) :grin:

(Chelsea Barnett) #40

I’m sure you’ll get there :slight_smile: