Fasting day

(Kevin M.) #1

Well half way through my fasting day today, after today, my next fasting day is sunday!!.

As of now, I fast Sunday’s, Tuesday’s, and Thursdays…

(Michael ) #2

That’s quite a bit. How’s it working for you?

(Kevin M.) #3

It’s actually easier then I thought, after the Holidays I was thinking of trying every other day!


Wow, you’re fasting on Christmas eve! That takes some willpower…

What’s your eating like on non fasting days?

(Kevin M.) #5

I actually skippt thanksgiving, and plan to skip Christmas eve!! fact, I bought a 10lb ham today :blush:

(Michael ) #6

I was fasting on thanksgiving. Waited in line at best buy and got 50 inch 4k tv for $180