Family function today

(Karla Sykes) #1

So I was at a family function today and one of my family members notice that I gained all of my 50 lb back that I lost originally off keto. She gloated them telling me that it was a fad diet and nobody can continue to you that way. I said well theoretically it’s more like a diabetics diet they have to eat that way otherwise they will die eventually. And she said well you’re not diabetic and I said well I’m on my way to being diabetic if I keep up with being overweight that’s why I’m really going to stick to my new lifestyle. She looks like you and that dang keto it is a fact I just follow the food pyramid. I tried to reason with her that if a diabetic follow the food pyramid they would be dead but she wasn’t going to hear of it so I just said Well everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. And by me talking to you guys on this discussion board I did not even get mad or fall into getting super upset and want to leave. The moral of the story is I did not get upset I still follow my new lifestyle

('Jackie P') #2

It’s hard to argue, occasionally I have smiled and said "you have your opinion and I have the science ". If you have to argue that is.
Could you schedule a family viewing of The Magic Pill? A brilliant film that explains things well.

(Karla Sykes) #3

LOL I was very happy I definitely control my temper and I should simply stated I agree to disagree. But I can’t believe that people need to acknowledge I gained all 50 lb back. I know I screwed up

(Susan) #4

That is great, Karla =). You will succeed and keep it off this time, and just stay on the forum so you have your cheerleading team in the process =-).

(Full Metal KETO AF) #5

Some people just need to shove failure in your face. Not that you’re a failure at all, you aren’t a failure till you give up trying. Good for you Karla. Stay with it this time and don’t give her the chance for another put down! You got this, you know what’s best, don’t let family undermine your efforts. Caving in just affirms her negative stance. And you know that isn’t right.


(Diane) #6

The only people who never fail are people who don’t ever try and that’s not the way I want to live my life. You only move forward by trying and learning as you go. Most people who make positive changes make many attempts and learn with each one. You’re doing just what you need to, to get where you want to go!

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('Jackie P') #8

The best way to get your point across is by simply living the life, quietly go about your business. After a while your progress will be evident in your face (this was the first noticeable difference), your skin, your weight and your general demeanour.
Be as happy with your family as you can, you need their love and warmth, that’s not always the same thing as their approval. Arguments can be really tiring, not to mention the cortisol!
As they see the changes in you, they will be reassured and may even join you.
I couldn’t keep my mouth shut when I first started, but I soon learned that actions speak louder than words. Try and distance yourself from obvious saboteurs.
Sometimes if someone expresses a concern, or negative thought, I will say little, but will find a relevant YouTube video and send them the link with a message. “I know you have my best interests at heart, please watch this, I just know it will reassure you”
Also at family or large gatherings I find the best way is to load my plate with things I can eat, a little of what I cant eat, and then just leave what I cant eat. People are generally too interested in what is going on on their own plate to worry about yours. KCKO, you are doing great!

('Jackie P') #9

That’s just bloody rude!

(Karla Sykes) #10

Yeah they like to acknowledge that this is a bad diet because I gained all that weight back


this :point_up_2:

(Susan) #13

Maybe ask them to get you a 100% cacoa bar with no sugar if they insist on giving you chocolate. I told this to my daughter and her and one of her sisters have both bought me a 95% one for Christmas (I know because they told me… haha and couldn’t find a 100% one).

(Susan) #15

I am very sorry for your loss of your mum =(. I hope that the fires won’t reach your home, that is horrible. I don’t know how insurance works where you live, but here, if a fire destroys a house, the insurance covers you for reimbursement. I am guessing that it doesn’t there? I know in some areas where there are terrible tornadoes and hurricanes only so much is covered. That must be very scary.

It is indeed very kind of people to be so generous and kind and wanting to bring joy to your holidays by dropping in and bringing treats. We had a neighbour bring us a care package yesterday, (none of which I can eat) but for sure I thanked her profusely and will write her a thank you note as well. I have a hubby and lots of kids here to eat all of the food she brought though, so it will all be consumed; but if I was on my own and was not able to eat anything, I would certainly do the same as you did, thanking them very much, and passing it on to others that can use it. I totally get that and I agree with you that it was very sweet and a blessing of them doing that =). The kindness and love are there, and that is what is so lovely and makes you realize that they care about you.

My kids are used to buying me a lot of my favourite candies and chocolates this time of year and I only told them about the chocolate that I could have as a treat as they were lamenting not being able to buy me any treats, hehe.

Merry Christmas to you as well, and a very Happy New Year, and I hope that the fires will not reach you, take care =)).