Fallen Way off the Horse

(Dalton Bouchles) #1

Hello everyone,

My name is Dalton Bouchles and I just made my account but have been following the Ketogenic Forum for quite some time.

Now I have a slight issue… well more than slight.

I was doing great on the Keto diet for the first couple of months. However, I do not know what started it, but I now cheat probably a few times a day. And it is always on sugary sweet goodness (frosting, ice cream sandwich, chocolate). I do not know how to stop and control myself. My roommate has way to much unhealthy food items and I feel like I am engorging on them… probably because I am.

What can I do to stop? It’s like my brain completely ignores all self-control (which is very little) and just grabs the food and practically shoves it down my throat.

Help :sob:



It seems to me that your biggest problem is having ready access to your danger foods? Is there any way you could agree something with your room mate about what foods are kept in the place? Could you maybe install a lock on his/her cupboard? I don’t know what your set up is but if you could make it so that all the communal food was compliant and the non-keto stuff was not available to you. Ideally, it would be kept out of the house completely but I am guessing that is not an option?

I know what it is like to have it in front of you and avoid the temptation. I have just been visiting family back in the UK and it was so hard to have those things available. At home, I can simply clear the house of all non-keto foods which make it easier. If you managed a couple of months and then slipped up it makes me think that you need to work out a physical solution because you shod have gotten over that first real hump by 2 months and started to find it easier to resist. Have a chat with your room mate about options to help you with this and come back with what they say and we can go from there.

(Dalton Bouchles) #3

Hey Daisy,

So that sounds awesome. I just have a question… what about the fridge/freezer? Seems ridiculous to buy another fridge/freezer (especially since it wouldn’t fit).

(Dany Bolduc) #4

Our sugar addicted brains will crave more sugary stuff for up to 72 hours after consuming it.

Here’s what I would do in your situation:

  •      Make a good batch of my favorite fat bombs.
  •      Then get back to basics. And make sure I REALLY eat to satiety on fat.
  •      AND at first sign of sugary cravings I would down enough fat bomb to squelch it.

Sure I might end up over indulging / overeating for a few days, but then I would be over my carbs cravings… They are a real thing you know…. And they DO go away…. After a few days of diligent Keto eating.



Yeah that is a problem. Have the convo first. they may surprise you and agree to just have lockable items, at least for now. Failing that… what about a lockable box within the fridge just for the things that they have in there that you can’t have? It sounds extreme but I know how hard it is. Those little buggers would be calling to me 24/7 too. It might be that your flatmate would be willing to compromise for a certain period of time and then you could try again? They might be so pleased to see how well you are doing that they will be only too happy to continue, maybe even join you?

Dany’s plan is good too. maybe a combo of the two? Certainly, making some keto treats can help get you over the cravings. I looked forward to getting my chops round a bowl of low carb ice cream and clotted cream when I was in the UK. If there is something you can reward yourself with for holding out, it s often enough, especially if it is heavy on the fat as Dany suggests because it will fill you up.

You will find a way. this is too important and you have seen the benefits already from your 2 month stint. You have seen how easy it is to fall off the wagon. I am guessing it started with just one small piece of something? You thought you would be OK with it and it would not lead to more? But it did right? Have a look at this thread if you haven’t already…

(Dalton Bouchles) #6

Dany - I like your idea. However, I tried a fat bomb before (maple extract, eyrithritol and butter i think) and it was wayyyyy to sweet and had to toss out 2/3 of it. What is the recipe you use?

Daisy - I like your idea… but at the same time it sounds extreme. I feel like my roommate would just say “why don’t you just stop eating the crap” and even if I explain to him the carb-withdrawal, he still thinks I am just caving and if I try to not eat it, I won’t. However, this is not happening.

(Dany Bolduc) #7

I really like these 2.


https://www.ruled.me/coconut-orange-creamsicle-fat-bombs/ (on this one I replace Mio with some stevia drops and orange essence… I try to stay away from Ace-K)

(Dalton Bouchles) #8

Hey Dany,
Unfortunately, my body is intolerant to all forms of dairy except butter and heavy cream, as well as coconut, nuts, beans and legumes. Basically, I cannot have these things because my body reacts to them in a negative way (not sure what that is, I have no physical symptoms). Chocolate peanut butter fat bombs sound right up my alley for someone I would love! I found a recipe that uses cocoa butter and no peanut butter or coconut. It is here:


(Ernest) #9

I hate to sound like an asshole but you’ll have to buckle down and fight. Mind over matter.
I’m speaking from experience. I cook non keto foods everyday. I bake cakes for entertaining sugar burners on weekends. Zero cheats under my belt.

(Clare) #10

If ice cream is a danger for you, have you considered Granita? Here’s a pic of some Strawberry Granita that I made last week with some Strawberries, a splash of water & some xylitol. I cooked the strawberries in a pan with the water, smushed them up a bit and added 2 tablespoons of xylitol. Let it cool, then put into a a shallow freezable tray. Put it in the freezer for about 30/40 minutes, then take it out and rough it up with a fork. Put back in freezer for 20 mins, then rough up with a fork again until you have flavoured ice crystals. Makes loads & it’ll keep in a plastic box in the freezer for ages.

It’s very nice served with cream!

You can make it with Espresso, I might give a whirl at Mocha flavour


It may be extreme but so are your cravings. You don;t know what your roommate will say until you talk to him. If you are open with him about the addiction and how it makes you feel he might surprise you. Try comparing it to alcohol. If you were a recovering alcoholic would he agree to lock up the booze? Maybe restrict how much was even in the house in the first place? No difference.

(Dalton Bouchles) #12

Sir yes sir! salute

(Kristin Rogers) #13

Maybe introduce some behavioral tools? I just read ‘Bright Line Eating’ (there is a website too). The author is a former addict (food, as well as many drugs) and she has some good ideas about how to deal with that kind of out of control eating pattern. I don’t agree with her diet advice (which is strictly limited quantities that includes some carbs, but no flour and sugar), but I am planning to incorporate some of her ideas with health coaching clients.
Anyway, it is a system to follow through with your diet goals and commitments - she has a PhD in cognitive science so it’s evidence based.
Might be helpful?

(jim schafer) #14

learn from my mistake: as good as Sushi is don’t do it…my blood sugar was 230 this morning. yes i’m a type 2 diabetic person and i should have known better. but i went there,and now all i can think to do is fast !!! until it comes back down.