"Fake" OMAD


I’m on a “fake” OMAD diet right now :

  • breakfast is two cups of coffee with some coconut milk
  • Lunch is a plate of some kind of raw vegetable (cabbage, zucchini…) with lemon juice, plus a “dessert” of stewed rhubarb with stevia (60 calories max for lunch)
  • dinner is wathever I want (keto) to satiety.

Has anyone experienced something similar ?
What do you think of that ?

(Polly) #2

Looks like a three meal per day plan to me.

What results do you hope to achieve from this?


Same as OMAD… but without the difficulty

(Jack Bennett) #4

Looks similar to The Warrior Diet. Fasting or near-fasting during the day and a feast meal at night.

As with anything, track your progress and see if it works for you.

(Allie) #5

So you’re having three meals a day, not even close to OMAD. If you want to do OMAD do it. but if not, don’t. You won’t get OMAD results with three meals a day.


Fake it 'til you make it.

Thanks for another version in many approaches.

I do something similar. Most days I’m 2MAD (I :heart: that acronym) 18:6.

On my fake iMAD days I have:

  • Black coffee in the morning
  • Baked beef ribs (salted) until satiety in the evening

That’s on Tuesdays.


this is your opinion, I was rather looking for people trying something approaching.
If keto diet is said to mimick famine in trigging specific effects in the metabolism, why would it be impossible to mimick OMAD to try to get the same effects ?


never heard of the warrior diet, thanks for mentioning it.

(Vic) #9

? This is new to me, if anything keto returns metabolism back to normal. Fasting, veganism, SAD diet can and do trigger famine due to poor nutrition.


what about production of ketone bodies ? Possible only in a fasting state

(Allie) #11

It isn’t, and it won’t because you’re causing multiple insulin reactions during the day rather than just one. I suggest you do some research to learn how things work before trying to change them to suit yourself.

(Allie) #12

Happens naturally, most people enter ketosis overnight and many people who don’t even follow a ketogenic WOE will be in and out of ketosis regularly.

(Vic) #13

No need to fast to produce ketone bodies, just eat fat and protein without an overdose on sugar and carbs.


most people … not all.

(Allie) #15

I clearly stated “many people” in my post… ?

The basic reason for OMAD being successful for a lot of people is that the One Meal A Day results in one insulin reaction per day which itself results in one fat storage reaction per day. As I said already, if you want to do OMAD, just do OMAD, but what you’re doing isn’t even close and won’t bring the benefits because it goes directly against OMAD and the way it works.


ok, you’re probably right, and I’m probably wrong, sorry for any disturbance.
I don’t see how a plate of raw cabbage can trigger a significant insuline production ??
If I had been sure to know the truth about nutrition 3 years ago,I’d still be diabetic, obese, with a fatty-liver disease. I hold nothing true before I have a chance to try it on myself.


I call it “OMAD with a few extra bites” (well your lunch is bigger than my extra bites but very low calorie so somewhat similar… maybe not as your raw vegetable is carby… if I eat carbs in this style, it’s one rosehip :D). It’s totally a thing in my life, not frequent but happens. It’s fine for me, it definitely lowers my calorie intake just like OMAD as I have one proper meal and that’s quite important for me. And a super tiny meal doesn’t trigger hunger like a small meal :slight_smile:
Clean OMAD is better but this style is fine too, it depends what your goal is. If I want antophagy (yep), I surely use true OMAD. But for the all other OMAD benefits it looks like the same for me but it may be different for others, of course.

OMAD shouldn’t be difficult at all, actually. If it’s not easy and natural for you, don’t do it. If this style works and easier, do it, why not? It’s your woe, it’s up to you how you do it :slight_smile: Experimenting is fun and may be useful. And we are individual so I am all for experimenting. Ketosis and OMAD did nothing to my fat-loss when I ate just as much as before. I do OMAD for lowering calories, convenience, being perfectly satiated all day…etc. I get this with extra bites too so if it’s easier that way, I have them. Just not vegetables.
So it matters how your body works too.

(Allie) #18

Anything eaten will trigger an insulin reaction of some sort, even fats although greatly reduced compared to carbs / protein. It’s your call, do what you want, but don’t try to kid yourself into thinking you’re doing OMAD when in reality what you’re doing is nothing like it and is really just another way of reducing calories which the evidence clearly shows is not going to benefit anyone long term.


I’m not kidding myself in anyway, just experiencing différent ways of eating to achieve my goal : stay healthy. I don’t understand why you’re being so much judgmental… I’m not looking for a coach or a guru, just people willing to share experiences


Thank you Shinita for your message. Great read.