Fake exotic meat is next: Lions and tigers and bear burgers, Oh my!

(Sticking with mammoth) #1

Forget fake beef, how about a stringy giraffe steak? Yeah, I guess they figure if you can take cells from a bovine you can just as easily take 'em from anything else. I dunno, I think we’re getting into Isla Nublar territory, here.

At any rate, that joke about Cheetah burgers being fast food isn’t going to age well…

(Rebecca ) #2

:rofl: the sad thing is, it’s true. I’m not sure why some vegans/vegetarians think it’s ok to judge what the rest of us eat?!


Well at least I would have the advantage that people who never ate meat have. I can’t compare the stuff with the original (well I still can compare it with meat so maybe it’s not similar enough…).

I still have no idea what results such things can do, maybe it’s something new and interesting.

But these wild ideas seems a bit early at this point, give me cheap fake meat first (though I still prefer my cheap available crickets)!
Just like there is a Hungarian company making edible plates (some corn stuff) and they don’t make it in flavors when it’s new…
But dreaming is important I suppose… So I don’t judge too much.


hey that was funny cause it rings true LOL but don’t think cheetah and giraffee and more wasn’t ‘on the menu’ back in the day, IT WAS cause even the rare tribes left to hunting eat wild small cat as prey and anything else they can get their arrows into. NO MEAT from anything is off limits, but in ‘today’s world’ how dare we?

but then think, we had xyz humans before, now we have how many Billion and all with opinions and thoughts and climate change thru ‘our food’ ‘’‘truly’’’ or our plastic life of play toys and lifestyles we deem useless and must haves so?

Our food is an issue yet plastic bottles and manufacturing of crap and more…hey they don’t count I guess HAHA

tons of issues here but darn funny skit :slight_smile: