Eyes change colour?


This may seem like a really weird question… but has anyone noticed their eyes have changed colour since eating keto?

My eyes seem to have changed from green to blue and I can’t explain it.

Had cataract eye surgery… but that was months ago.
This change is over the past few days.

Is this possibly related to keto diet? Seems quite strange to me and I have no idea what has led to it… other than keto I’ve had no lifestyle changes except working out pretty hard.

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Not personally but I’ve seen other people online who say it’s happened to them


Wait, what?

I had to go look at my eyes after reading this and I swear, they DO look more blue. They have always been a light green.

WTH??? Has to just be my mind playing tricks …

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It may just be ignorance on my part, but offhand I can’t think of any mechanism by which being in ketosis could change eye color. On the other hand, it does sometimes change spontaneously.

There is at least one topical steroid used to treat glaucoma that has been known to alter eye color. Also, eyes that are bright blue at birth often darken during the first few years of life.

There is also the Crystal Gayle song: “Don’t it make my brown eyes blue.” :grin:

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you might be seeing colours in a different way? maybe ask a second person?

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Some interesting information turns up when you Google “eye color change.” Fascinating!


There are definitely medications that can alter eye color and it doesn’t have to be a new medicine, it can happen spontaneously regardless of how long you’ve been taking it…my bet would be an after effect from your surgery if you’re not on any medications, it can take a long time for your body to heal entirely :blush:

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My brown eyes have more yellow in them, although I think it’s a seasonal light change, not keto. But it’s an interesting topic!

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My eyes didn’t change color, but my eyesight improved A LOT. I don’t know where my glasses even are, lol. It’s been that long since I have worn them!!

(Ashley) #11

Mine are also lighter brown with yellow in them. They look more golden in the sun!

(Heather Queen) #12

Your body is detoxing. The exercise is releasing chemicals left behind from meds and vaccines

(Troy) #13

What do you mean by this?

This may explain how my eyes went from Brown to now Superman Red eyes!
Who knew😳

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The medicine that grows eyelashes (Latisse) can change eyes from blue to brown. I would welcome that. But your eye color was decided before birth so I cannot see how keto would alter that.


Haven’t used any meds lately.
Certainly nothing to grow eyelashes.
Eye colour moving between green and blue pretty frequently.
Blue yesterday green today.
Thanks for the responses.
I wil put it down to one of lifes little mysteries, it’s not life altering or threatening in any way, just weird.
Thanks again to those who took the time to respond with helpful answers to the query.


Nor do I, hence the query.
The only variable in my lifestyle is keto.


Some things on Google indicate a change in pressure inside the eye can alter the appearance of the iris. Since I’ve seen mentioned, and experienced myself, improvements in vison on keto it may be related.


If it’s continuously fluctuating day to day, um I would see a doctor and get a professional opinion…especially if it’s a reflection of pressure issues you’ve developed from the surgery and may have nothing to do with Keto :wink:


Have had the pressure checked and seen the surgeon’s registrar a few times since the surgery, perfect apparently.
I’m thinking it may be just that I can see the way my eyes have been for awhile and didn’t know.

Same mirror same light…green today a few days ago blue.


Are you sure it’s not an illusion? I have blue eyes, more of a slightly grayish blue than a bright blue. When I wear blue it makes my eyes look kind of green by comparison, and when I wear green, it makes my eyes look more blue.


Thanks. I think I am alright…I have had three professional checks since the surgery and been discharged, and cleared for high intensity training…so apparently no issues.
Colour thing just started.
I will ask my GP but have no problems with this, just find it odd.