Eyes change colour?


Not sure that its not an illusion, no. I am looking in the mirror when I get out of the shower and clean my teeth. No coloured clothes, same spot, same light, same mirror.

(PJ) #23

Macrobiotic diets had a reputation for shifting eye color. The change from green to blue was the most common. I’m recalling books I read about this in the 70s-80s mind you.

When I got incredibly sick and massively edema’d before my open heart surgery (and for some time after), my eyes were a disgusting color. They had always been basically “auburn-gold” previously (depending on the light) – nice colors of brown, and clear. Now they looked like a slightly sick mud. They have gradually been improving over the last couple years as I have been recovering.

(Cosmo Mindset) #24

Yes I notice my eyes color changed then I searched in Google


Cataract surgery a few months ago may have you seeing differently ?

(Geraldine Healy) #26

A few people have commented lately on my eyes and I intially put it down to a change in eyeshadow colur that enhanced my eyes. However hubby commented on it the other day and I said it is just my eye shadow accentuating the colour. He laughed, you don’t have any eyeshadow on!! So I went and looked in the mirror and my green eyes with large brown flecks in them (hazel) were now light green with a definite blue circle around the outside of the iris. I love the new colour!!! So rea dup about keto diet and eye colour and consequently ended up here!!

(Karen) #27

Don’t want to scare monger but please get it checked out. The minute I read the bluish circle it registered that only this week on ‘This Morning’ tv programme a Doctor was talking about different things are bodies were telling us such as the nails, hands, tongue and this was mentioned.