Eye floaters anyone?

(Sophie) #22

I wish mine would go away! I’ve been low carb for 6yrs and keto for almost one now and they still irritate me. Guess I’m just a stoopid snowflake. :unamused:

(Jeanne Wagner) #23

I’ve had floaters in my eyes as long as I can remember and I’m in my late 40s. I have T2DM and was told by my eye doctor that it has to do with that. However, I’m not so sure. I wish I could remember exactly what was said but it was a few years back. I go back in April for my yearly check up and I will ask again. Although it’s a new doctor. When I’m really tight on my macros, mostly when really low carb intake 9way less than 20), they still. However today I had a really big lunch and they’re active. Generally speaking, they have calmed down pretty well and I hope they stay down after a while. I thought everyone had them but I realized that everyone does not have them.

(Tubeman) #24

I had this stuff called sananga put in my eyes once. It burned like jalapeno juice, but it sure got rid of my floaters. Improved my vision for a while too. Not a recommendation, but it sure was a fascinating experience.

(G Pardo) #25

I have always had floaters. I even considered the risky, painful surgery given the gravity of my floaters. I still have, but DRAMATICALLY fewer. In fact, having been in Keto for 2 years, I just realized that in my last eye doctor exam a) I didn’t complain about floaters, and b) my doctor didn’t say his usual “you’ve got the same big bad boys floating there” that I have heard for the last 12 years or so.

(Chuck) #26

I haven’t had eye floaters the last 4 months, I started keto, low carb the first of this past September. Even my dry eyes have been much better.


CarnivoreDoctor , Dr.Lisa Wiedeman, (an eye doctor), is a great resource on eye healing, if you are interested.