Extended Fasting vs Alternate Day Fasting - for Weight Loss?

(momzbusy2012) #1

for those who are trying to lose weight and have experience with fasting, this question’s for you: Which seems to be most effective for weight loss, extended fasting or alternate day fasting. I’m very curious to hear your feedback :slight_smile:

Is it possible that alternate day works better than extended fasts for Weight Loss?
(Tom Seest) #2

I like them both…

(momzbusy2012) #3

Did one yield greater results?

(Tom Seest) #4

I’m not really sure, as I don’t track weight unless I’m doing extended fasts. And, the only reason I track it then is people ask.

(Tom Seest) #5

I should add a point regarding weighing during an extended fast. If I weigh the same thing about 4 or 5 days in a row, I’ll stop fasting. I figure my body is signaling me to eat again. But, that’s just me. Others probably have different experiences.

(momzbusy2012) #6

I have been doing extended fasts from Thursday night until Monday morning, every weekend since Thanksgiving. I have lost 13 pounds since then but it’s been like a stair step down. Lose 6 pounds and gain 4 back each week. I usually net 2, which is OK but I’m wondering if ADF will yield greater results. I guess I’ll just have to try it and see :slight_smile:

(Tom Seest) #7

I’d recommend switching it up and trying it. You may or may not like it better, but then you’ll know…

It sounds like you have a good handle on things…

(momzbusy2012) #8

IF has been the ONLY way my body will release the fat. However, that being said, my body doesn’t try to store the fat eating this way either which is a huge milestone for me. I know I’ll easily be able to maintain once I get to around where I want to be.

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(Larry Lustig) #10

I believe that’s a pretty common pattern. If nothing else, you probably have a couple of pounds of food in your digestive system which is gone after fasting for a few days.

(Marc Blythe) #11

I think a couple of 2-3 day fasts cured my carb cravings completely :grinning:

(Judy ) #12

I just finished my first 72 hour fast. All I had was distilled water and decaf green tea all day. My usual pattern of eating is 16/8. Yes, I lost 4 pounds durning the 72 hour fast, but time will tell if it stays lost. I felt fine during the fast, it’s something I will definitely do again.

(David) #13

Do an n=1 experiment as Richard and Carl would say. I’m sure.

(Jonathan Walz) #14

I find the longer fasts (3 days or more) to be more effective for me.

(Brian Miller) #15

How has it held after nearly a week?

(Kathy Meyer) #16

Now that I am past the half-way point (75 pounds lost, 50 to go), I find I must do at least 3 days of fasting to lose weight. Keto, OMAD, and even alternate day fasting have stopped working for weight loss at this point. I need to do this once a week (maybe I’ll do fat fasting one week) and stay ketogenic the rest of the time to even lose one pound. It’s not easy going right now, but I plan on slogging through until I finish the weight-loss stage sometime this year.

But don’t get discouraged with my story: I’m a post-menopausal, hypothyroid, woman who has been morbidly obese almost all her adult life. I’ve been on every diet imaginable, and have a deranged metabolism that isn’t going to be fixed overnight.

(Jonathan Walz) #17

What I find is that about 1/2 lb per day lost during fasting will stay off. The rest comes back.

(jim schafer) #18

keep trying it’s all we can do…my new thing is to fast one day a week and work my way up to two days a week. i too realize fasting might be the best thing for me… but old habits die hard. for the last few years if haven’t put on weight but haven’t lost any either.

(Jennifer) #19

I’ve been doing 2 days on food, 5 days off and then 3 days on 4 days off. The day before I start fasting is a high fat day. I keep this up until my cycle starts and then a just eat as much as I need to get through it, lol…

(What The Fast?!) #20

@momzbusy2012 It’s a few months later now - did you implement Alternate Day Fasting? How did it go??? I haven’t lost any weight on keto yet (in 3.5 months), but I just read Complete Guide to Fasting and decided to start doing alternate day fasting (36 hours) and see if that works. I was also wondering which is more effective - 72 hours once a week, or 3 days of not eating. Let me know!!