Extended fast and weight training



6pm is perfect for me as

  1. I can’t eat dinner much earlier as my lunch is between 3 and 4pm.
  2. 6pm is my Gremlin time, sometimes I can behave but it’s DANGEROUS. I become another person if I eat then. Sometimes a Bottomless Pit. What is control? I never particularly control myself but there I forget the existence of it! My decision making is seriously damaged etc.
  3. I MAY get hungry 8 hours after my last meal though the 12 hour mark is more serious (IDK why my body has all these mostly fixed numbers but they are noticeable). I mean, even if I ate enough during the day. (If I don’t, I get hungry earlier.) It’s best if both are inside my sleeping period. And I rarely am asleep before 2am. I am always asleep at 6am. If not, I have bigger problems like All Day Zombieness.

It’s nice when it works. My SO was a high-carber who didn’t eat meat. I was a ketoer who didn’t eat meat… (We weren’t vegetarians anymore as we ate meat a few times a year, it was easier when eating out. ) I had difficulties sometimes as normal veggie dishes were pretty much out for me and he disliked my veggie soup that contained very very little vegs (I always preferred the liquid and there was taste to find. his ideal veggie soup barely has any water…). And he isn’t choosy and eats high-fat. It could have been much worse :slight_smile:
It’s easier now, we both eat meat (he eats much less, of course and much more rarely but he loves eggs and dairy too). And my carni food is simple enough that I theoretically could cook something fancier for him. I don’t. He should be thankful I bake bread every week, it is not always the best for me even though I find his bread inferior due to lacking eggs. Too starchy too. But not without charm in certain situations and I get better all the time… At baking bread, I mean but resisting bread too when I don’t have a sudden bread phase. (A compulsive one where hedonism and knowledge and health-consciousness just can’t help.) The right bread texture is FUN. It took ages for my keto-ish bread getting the right flavor and texture. I am big on texture, can’t help it.


I wondered why you were still up! Same schedule here although this week one of my kids had a bunch of appointments 8AM, 7AM (45 minute drive), 8AM (another 45 minute drive)

My husband is the opposite, when we were first married I made a lot of pasta dishes (ok they were basically pasta, cheese (either shredded mozzarella or cottage or ricotta) and sauce). He did not consider that a real dinner (I loved it). His rule was if it did not have parents or required real preparation (eg lasagna) it did not consider it dinner. That was in the last century. Lots of nights now I make him a quick slab of meat and he is happy. He could easily do carni, I could not. I would not last a week. I like my nuts, berries, cream, cheese, eggs, avocado, even Tofu and a few vegetables

As for getting hungry. If I eat at 8PM then I am searching the kitchen for things to eat the rest of the night. If I stop at 5, I may be hungry but it is the fast type hungry where I know I can’t eat and I won’t. I never understood how I could fast for 5 days but snack for an entire evening on things that aren’t event that good

Today I stopped at 4 because I was distracted and then it was 5:30 and I forgot to eat anything else and decided not to


Have you ever posted your recipes on here? I’m two years into trying to get one we all like and I’m still coming up empty handed. For the time being until I get a really good one I’ve been buying true, authentic fermented sourdough bread with the starter in it for my two guys. I figure if they are going to eat bread might as well be the healthiest and lowest total carbs of all the non Keto breads. This one is California Sourdough and has only 10g total carbs per slice but I know it’s healthier for their guts too. I’ll have a slice maybe once or twice a month.

I like the breads I make with almond flour. I don’t often eat bread really but when I do I don’t want to have to suffer thru it. I want it to taste great with what I eat it with. But I miss the texture too. I would love it if you could point me to or share in the recipes thread your bread recipes.


That’s complex. My cheesy pasta was pasta and cheese, that’s it. I loved it. But I can eat eggs and cheese now, it’s similar enough to me, never was a pasta gourmet :wink: And the only important ingredient in pasta is egg (we have traditionally eggy pasta here, as many eggs as needed, water isn’t used)… But I am admittedly a HUGE egg maniac.

I am similar though a cheesy pasta was a borderline meal for me. Not very proper meal but works in a pinch. With pasta it sounds a bit better. My SO isn’t a choosy one. I often am a bit worried about a too simple, not proper meal but he says it’s fine. He goes a bit far, the food he eats at work is sometimes just a handful of peanuts. It’s NOT a meal to me but it is to him. Lucky me. Except when he wants 2 carby sides for his protein. Because legumes aren’t proper sides, there must be grain too. Meanwhile I eat my roast all alone…

You have a special Gremlin time, maybe. If I eat late, I probably won’t eat again. I just likely overeat and ruin my day macro wise. And I am not very strict about my macros but there are limits. Anyway, it’s sometimes hard to get satiated at night and who wants just to eat and eat and eat when it’s not even enjoyable as it’s not the right time for my body and I don’t even sit down in the proper mindset? Not me. Annoying.

I have thought about it but nope. Most of my recipes are works in progress anyway. Or I am unsure it others would like them. It was so surprising someone did and liked my one-ingredient sponge cakes when my own SO probably wouldn’t touch them in early starvation…
And my keto-ish bread typically has starches. Just little and anyway, there is an amount that fits… But if I remember correctly, the last batch turned out quite nice, even the no starch version. There are so many options for keto food, I often make multiple versions at a time. I actually do that for carnivore too, less options but there are ratios…

I am sure bread is very individual. I wasn’t so much into bread, at least in the beginning as it turned out I don’t need it at all. When I stopped eating grains and baking bread, I just didn’t eat bread, big deal. I never missed it. But then my SO decided gluten is fine and he wants bread again… It was a bit too much for me sometimes. And it’s good if I have something nice and vaguely similar.
I tried a few keto breads, people swore it’s awesome and I didn’t like it. I made changes, nope, nope, maybe but not really… At some point I used starches and it was much better… But not good enough without a lot of it (it was WAY better than my keto bread and my wheat bread, nice hybrid) Iand I kept trying. And IDK what happened, I would need to look at my notes. So I don’t have a final recipe yet. It goes slowly as I don’t eat bread on carnivore (just my 100% egg sponge cakes, they are wonderful as bread but the texture is drastically different. the taste too but it’s eggy so what not to love? but not eggy like scrambled eggs, it’s more neutral, what difference air bubbles can make!).
But what I like may not be right for others. I bake very good wheat breads but I am sure most people would dislike it because it’s not a super airy mostly tasteless white stuff we strongly dislike. And they are wheat breads, my keto bread are much more unusual.

I bake sourdough breads now, after probably more than a decade (I am bad with time) of using a piece of the old bread. And yeast, I couldn’t skip that. It was good and my first sourdough experiments were not so good but now I tried again (after watching many beautiful sourdough bread videos) and it was a success. But it’s not my (and my sourdough bread’s) final form yet. I don’t use anyone’s recipe, I already had a recipe, I merely use sourdough now. Sesame seeds are VITAL for our breads. Once I made one without (and as much white flour I could, for an experiment. I have these mental barriers, I can’t make a white bread and I know we dislike it) and it was so tasteless!

As I have no idea about what a slice weigh, it says little to me. I can cut 20g and 300g slices too. Maybe it’s a sliced bread sized slice but if it’s a normal bread, it’s way heavier than the airy nothing ones. Either way, I have no knowledge about these things.

I don’t use almond flour as it’s super expensive for me and once there was a sale and it’s no big deal… But it’s pretty neutral so useful. My oily seeds and oily seed flours were tricky as I had to mix them to make the result taste okay. The seed flours usually taste very bad or strong or they are just sweet, tasting coconut and giving the dough a weird texture :smiley: But my seed flour phase is over. I still have coconut flour but I use it in tiny amounts in my SO’s cakes. Sometimes together with sesame as sesame is bitter (oh once I made sesame milk! NOT recommended) and coconut is sweet… They balance each other out. So I just use oily seeds and especially gluten as flour. People on this forum aren’t into gluten, apparently and yes, it’s not good for very many people as far as I know, I don’t talk about the obvious… But I didn’t notice any difference between my gluten free and normal years and I use it so very rarely that if it helps me, I don’t resist. And it does, sometimes. Gluten isn’t tasty but it’s mostly neutral with a very subtle negative flavor that I easily mask with other things. A proper bread needs gluten, there is no way around it as far as I know. So I use it as the base.
I made breads with gluten and yeast from the beginning. They were edible but that’s it. They were there for me to make resisting the other bread easier. It wasn’t easy as the texture was very different and the taste wasn’t good enough. But something changed, probably the recipe and I alike, I don’t remember anything very dramatic but my last ones had a better texture. I learned I shouldn’t use a ton of fiber (the original recipe I used had that) as it gives some funny bouncy-rubbery(?) texture. Bread isn’t like that. It is bouncy, yes but not like that. And my bread was denser than my wheat bread and that is dense too, just near perfectly so.
I use eggs, obviously, yeast, lots of gluten, various oily seeds (walnut is very important, my fav nut but it has such a wonderful strong taste but one shouldn’t overdo it) and I use this basic recipe every time with variations. And usually with a tiny bit of starchy something, now it will be sourdough but not for the whole batch.

Believable. It’s not a normal, raised bread but once I just baked eggs mixed with almond (and probably baking soda etc.). And it was surprisingly good. Almond is a pretty neutral nut with a very very nice though subtle flavor. And it’s too expensive for me to use it for baking when I can use other things but sometimes I use it. And even its flour is nice. Surprising because it’s rarely the case with oily seeds. Walnut is super good. Walnut flour is horrible. Flex is meh but usable. Flex flour is very bad. Poppy seed flour (is that a thing elsewhere too I wonder…) isn’t so bad but poppy seed is much better, it’s a tasty thing, after all. My SO has a simple microwave cake with poppy seed as flour, he likes it.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #25

A slight correction, if you’ll forgive me. Not all overweight is the result of metabolic dysfunction. About 20% of obese people in the U.S. are perfectly healthy. The medical term for this is “metabolically healthy obese” (MHO).

Fat around the organs is a wholly different matter. That is the unhealthiest fat to have, because it is the result of metabolic dysfunction. There are many millions of people in the U.S. who are thin but have visceral fat. The medical term for this is “thin on the outside, fat on the inside” (TOFI). In the U.S., there are actually more TOFI’s than there are metabolically ill obese people.

The good news is that visceral fat is the first to be metabolised when we go keto, and it doesn’t take long, either. In one study, it took only 10 days to clear up the participants’ visceral fat.


And then there are those who are both obese on the outside and have that visceral fat on the inside. So, FOFIs? :rofl: That would be me. I was not metabolically healthy at all. I’m so much better after two years Keto, and I can see clearly just how unhealthy I really was before. My belly is shrinking slower than the rest of me. 10 Days? Lmaoooo I just had way too much belly fat both outside and inside. Maybe if I truly was a TOFI it would have been quicker but I wasn’t. But my belly IS shrinking. It’s just not easy and it’s extremely slow progress. Like I said, 2 years so far. But I’ll get there! I’ve never been more doggedly determined in my life.