Exercising My Fasting Muscle

(Sophie) #1

I’m currently 36hrs in my first EF and feeling great! 24 was the longest I’ve done, but I wanted to push through dinner last night and hubby was sweet enough to fetch his own eats so I didn’t have to be exposed. That really helped. My waking BG was 4.6mml and my Ketones was 1.9mml. I have an aqua class this morning, then I’ll break fast at lunch with my buddies, so that would put me at 41hrs for my first shot out of the gate. Not bad for me. I think that building up with IF and occasional OMAD certainly helped me too. I can see more and longer EF in my future. It really does get easier and I seem to get a hellova lot more done when I’m not in the kitchen cooking stuff! :smile:

(Tim W) #2

Well done, it will get easier the more you “work the muscle!”.

(Sophie) #3

I believe this is true. At lunch, when I got my salad, I sat there and thought that I was not even hungry and I could easily get up and walk out without a second thought. That was different and refreshing. I did feel like I could go much longer without any problem. I think next time I’ll try when I’m not expected to go out to eat…prior proper planning and all that nonsense. :smile:

(Dave Brooks) #4

Hey good job so far. I’m finding the same thing. I just crossed hour 24 (last feeding was yesterday lunch) and I feel good. I had to fast for a blood test this morning and decided to extend just to see how it goes. This might be the longest ever, but i have been convinced that I’m fat adapted for a few weeks now so here it goes. Thanks for sharing I am inspired to go till tomorrow :slight_smile: