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Sounds like you are in peri-menopause because of your age and the trouble with your periods. You are feeling better just not losing weight. I didn’t do keto until I was 63 so well past menopause but I did lose a lot of weight 6 years ago when I started eating Paleo and gave up grains. I have since lost another 10 pounds on Keto. I suggest you carry on with what you are doing until your hormones settle down. I know that’s a pain but as someone else said we women are different and the time will go quickly.

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i have been on keto since July. I have not lost one freakin pound. I am SUPER upset about it. I am seeing a keto friendly doctor now who is trying to figure it out. I never cheat. Something is wrong.

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dlc96_darrenAKA: “Spanky Spankerton”

Ha! what a fantastic alias!


I wear it with pride! :grin:

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BIG ACV advocate here. We use it as a tonic to cure constipation, diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux /heartburn/indigestion, to ward off stomach bugs, etc…
I have a technical question: I see some when some ppl reply, it goes right under the post they are replying to. Other times, replies seem to get stacked up at the bottom of the entire thread. How do I do it so my reply goes right under the posting I am replying to?

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Not if you fuckers do your jobs and get me actually losing weight before I go on. Then it will be all lavender and shitball hummingbirds!

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I need to figure out how to quote the things I am responding to. The quote where I said not if you fuckers do your jobs was in response to Spanky Spankerton saying I would only be one long swear word on a podcast…

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You have to select the post then click on the gray button that pops up and says “Quote”. Then you type your response under the quoted part. You can quote all or part of a post.

It’s easier on a computer - can be done on a phone but selecting is a bit harder - at least on my phone.

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GIRL, this is me, to a “T”. I have been doing keto for almost 2 years now and I have bobbed up and down the same 5lbs the whole time. You’ll find a slew of (probably less entertaining) posts all over this forum screaming about all your frustrations. The difference for me is - I feel the same now as I did pre-keto (in that I felt great before as well). There have been a couple improved factors but nothing life-changing.


Lady, you are my soulmate . And judging by your username and lack of profanity despite being as frustrated as me, probably my better half, too. Say the word and I will leave my husband of 20 yrs, 5 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 chameleons and 1 bearded dragon to run off with you. I will be the grasshopper and you will be my master. You will share your mad quoting skills in this forum with me and I will teach you how to make a shiv with every motherfucker’s name that ever wronged you carved into the handle. And if we are still chubby after all the best efforts of our indomitable spirits, we will make one named, “BITCH ASS KETO”.

Oh, wait - I forgot, I’m more of a sausage girl and not so much into tacos. I’m not talking keto recipes here. But I still love you and will happily shank a bitch with you, so PM me and we will exchange info and stories and be BFFs and not break our family’s hearts. Plus, I think my hubby is finally about to pony up with a nice sparkly surprise this year after 20 years of mutual combat, oops that musta been autocorrect, I meant marriage.

Seriously, tell me how to get quotes from the person I am responding to into my reply! Especially from multiple posters like you just did!

My only idea for you is cutting out the dairy. I hate to rip your heart out like that after we just barely started our honeymoon and all, but have you tried it yet? I’m willing to try ANY and EVERY thing else first, but honestly, not everyone is cut out to deal with dairy and the ONLY time weight ever melted off me in my life was when I had to give up every trace of dairy to breastfeed my 5th baby, who has life-threatening allergy to it. I’m dreading that’s where my keto journey is headed, but if I’ve ruled everything else out and I have to go there, and you want to try it, I got you. Hell, I had to cut out the entire top 8 food allergens plus about 24 other things he was allergic to in order to keep breastfeeding my 5th, I can do this if I have to, no problem.


@JackieBlue, select the text you want to quote, and then click on the “quote” button. It will pop up in a new comment window.

Then you can type your comment.

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I love your post!

As some other women have said try cutting the fat. I didn’t lose weight until I cut back on it.

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Bondy, love your response! I just read the Keto Reset book and he talks a lot about fight or flight. He really goes into suggestions like that artificial light and screen time ramps our cortisol production up. He suggests things like turning off all the lights and screens in the house when it gets dark outside and trying to realign yourself with resting when it’s dark and rising when it starts to get light. Not using modern conveniences like escalators and elevators if you don’t have to, etc…cutting out toxic/stressful relationships, doing less impactful forms of exercise, etc… I’ve taken it to heart and try to be mindful of it whenever I can!

Also, I cut off my caffeine habit cold turkey the very first day I went keto. I was always very sensitive to it anyway and it made me feel a bit crackheadish, but I was well and truly fond of my chai tea every morning!

So, no - I don’t ever really get a minute to chill, but I have DEFINITELY felt the impact of growth hormones being able to be released again and the ensuing sense of well-being they bring. Expressing myself freely to non-judgmental ppl on this board has been an AMAZING stress reliever, too - finding you guys IS my Zen. My poor kids would have baldheaded snatches out of their scalps, my husband would find a way to work 24 hrs around the clock and the dog would probably run away if I hadn’t found this board. Yes, your pain is my relief, sorry-not-sorry.
(Also, some of what might come across as stress when I type here is really euphoria condensed in the brief time I have to sit down and update, b/c I really do feel fanfuckingtastic these days! My euphoria is a bit of an aggressive form of euphoria, who would have guessed?)

I also live on the side of a stunning mountain in the PNW after spending 28 yrs in the tundra of Michigan and no matter what, come hell or high water, I have informed my family that I will got for a long walk EVERY DAY. I take the dog and listen to podcasts or a book on audible or just smell the peppermint lemon air here and drink in the lush, vibrant views.

I’ve been in chronic moderate to severe pain from advancing premature arthritis for a few years now, so while I suppose the hectic pace and constant demands of my life might sound exhausting to others, just being out of 90% of the pain has improved my sleep, mobility, tension, etc… so much that I forget that it might also be nice to RELAX sometime. Thanks for the reminder! (One more unachievable thing I have to set a goal for. :::setting aside a shiv for ‘Bondy’.::: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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I’m bummed I didn’t! I keep telling myself my clothes will fit looser, but so far that has been minimal. My shirts all seem a little longer, and my muffin top with tight pants is a little smaller, but my rings are still tight and I haven’t had to go down a size in anything.

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LOL! I love your fairy- murdering ass. I didn’t even get to the part yet where I was a vegetarian for the 1st 27 yrs of my life, and then completely dairy free for the last decade!

I do avoid the processed meats and do lots of clean eating and cooking from scratch, but I must admit I like my keto veggies and lasagnas and keto crusty type things with almond flour.

No migraines, ever - I am one of those lucky ppl who almost never gets headaches, or stomach issues. Hubby says it’s b/c I am so good at externalizing my stress. (In other words,I give HIM the headaches and ulcers). I am filing your suggestions away, thank you for posting them!

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You should join the Shiv Club with Lady and I. Your name alone already tells me you are a class act.

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Ugh. This might have to be my next step. B/c guess what I am about to update? I am on Day 6 of ADF (alternate day fasting - 24 on/ 24 off) and I’m not losing anymore. I went from 163 to 159, but now I’m trading that 1 pound b/t 159 and 160 back up and down at daily weigh ins.

Based on every thing I’m cobbling together from advice here, for the 2nd week I think I need to do some tweaks and maybe cut out every single trace of sweeteners and try a 36 hr fast or two (maybe all 36 hr fasts for the last week?)

What a peculiar thing to feel so dependent and grateful to you guys but also want to cut you. Maybe I’ve discovered a new form of Stockholm Syndrome. JackieBlue Keto Syndrome. BlueKeto Syndrome. “I will cut out carbs and I will fast, but I will shank a bitch while I do.”

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Well, at least we aren’t alone! You can join the Shiv Club, too. Don’t get depressed, get pissed. Depressed gives up, Pissed off makes things happen. I hope some of the great advice here rings a bell for you. I am afraid my roller coaster ride with fasting so far is already derailing (altho I’m giving it my best for week 2 and going to tweak out all sweeteners and up the fasting days to 36 hrs while keeping the eating days at 24 hrs AND I reduced my fat to half all this week). My looming bogy is that I’m going to have to give up dairy. If enough of us are in this exact same boat, maybe we can go down that scary road together and hold each other while we cry over our soapy-tasting coconut milk.

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I knew I’ve experienced that emotion before. But on the receiving end!

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Thank you! Please update your results on the fasting. I am also going to jump into 2 or 3, 36 hr fasts for next week to see if it works. I’m terrible at math - how many can I do in a week, anyway?? what does IDM stand for?