Exciting news from Ministry of Education in NZ


Prof. Grant Schofield, a Professor of Public Health and LCHF advocate has been appointed to a newly created role to provide the Ministry of Education with nutrition, activity and curriculum advice for schools in New Zealand! The tide is turning people!!

(Keto in Katy) #2

This is great news, and it makes me wonder how much—if any—resistance Prof Schofield might encounter from national diabetes orgs, processed food makers, or other commercial interests there in NZ.


I’m sure they’ll be plenty of pushback from the usual players, so could be the start of some interesting times… this is a big shift and it will certainly get the debate ‘out there’. Personally speaking I’m sick of lollies, candies, fizzy drinks and bake sale fundraiser drives being ubiquitous in our school system. Prof Schofield is THE man to tackle this, smart and with the science at his fingertips. Exciting stuff!!

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Best thing you can do is write to him and encourage him.


@Carl I’ve been lucky enough to meet and chat with Prof Schofield a few times, as recently as last week. He knows I’m a huge fan of him and his research. It was the book What the Fat which he co-authored with Dietician Caryn Zinn (of Tim Noakes trial fame) and Chef Craig Rodgers which got me on my weightloss/return to health journey. I use every opportunity I get to sing the praises of the work Prof Schofield and Caryn Zinn are doing at the Human Potential Centre at AUT (Auckland University of Technology).
They are leading the way here despite the archaic SAD government guidelines. I’m hopeful that the tide is turning with his appointment to be adviser for schools in New Zealand. He’d make a great interviewee for your podcast!!


I see this news hit the diet doctor site, too.


Cool! It’s certainly a big shift here… glad to see it making worldwide news!


Well that didn’t take long… the dieticians are at it again

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Fantastic news! Makes me hopeful that the change is happening faster than I thought it would. Things like these make me happy I live in NZ.