Evolution of food processing

(Michael) #1

Low carb podcast, I liked it at the end, although Reddit would be upset and insisting people should eat organs, they would like his thoughts on grains. I agree with his stance. Thoughts?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #2

Organs can be great, but are not necessary. Many long-term carnivores are perfectly healthy eating only muscle meat. But circumstances vary. I am minded of the fall hog-butchering scene in Little House in the Big Woods, in which Wilder describes how every edible scrap of the pig is used, one way or another. In a circumstance such as her family’s, making use of every available bit of food was mandatory.

Also, as the carnivore diet demonstrates, avoiding grains is perfectly fine, too. There is, after all, no known carbohydrate deficiency disease, and researchers have been looking for the past two hundred years.

(Eve) #4

I read all those books, and really enjoyed them, and still remember many scenes to this day. I think the last one was These Happy Golden Years. Great reading !