(Ritchie Linden) #1

Has anyone tried it? Did you do it keto, if so what was you nutrition plan? and what type of climb, I am considering giving it a go this summer, and looking at a couple of segments one is a steady 5% for 12km or 7/8% for 8km , above 8% for me is where the hurting really begins.

(ianrobo) #2

I wished we had a decent climb ear me to do this, you should pick oe where you ca spa up fairly easily ad stay with tempo thus make the energy last.

(ianrobo) #3

and found this topic whilst searching for another and hopefully at Revolve 24 I will do this as there is the perfect climb to accomplish this, time and time again at Brands Hatch

(ianrobo) #4

if @ritchie is still around how did you get on ? I did an everesting at the event I mentioned :slight_smile:

as for food do not worry mate … whatever you eat on the day is not an issue in terms of keto, the real thing is eat what you want to eat and not what you think you have to eat