Essential vitamins and minerals question?

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Sehr lustig … :wink:

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As this forum seems to be full of bacon-lovers, it is perhaps worth mentioning that liver goes well with bacon (and used to be a British staple, before liver went out of fashion in people’s everyday diets. If the hipsters knew how nutritious it was, it would be about 20 times the price it actually is (which is practically giveaway in the UK, compared to most meats. Even if I buy much more than I can eat in one meal, I can rarely get the price above £2, and sometimes barely £1. The same with kidneys, and the sweetbreads which have appeared in my local supermarket recently are equally cheap). Sometimes liver is all I buy on that counter (I buy most of my meat on the self-serve, ready packed shelves), and I can imagine the assistant thinking:

“Poor old sod; he can only afford liver; I feel sorry for him”

And I’m thinking: “I’ve got gold here, and I got it for a measly two quid! I feel sorry for anyone who isn’t buying it…”

Liver partly got a bad name because people cook it to death until it’s like rubber.
NO! Don’t do that!
Just sear it and turn it over a few times until it just changes colour all over and whip it out of the pan, and serve with e.g. bacon, and in my case, eggs sunny side up, and butter to taste.

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Careful with the calcium supplements. Mayo Clinic generally dos not recommend them an caution that the 1 or 2% increase you may see will come at the cost of kidney stones and other problems. They don’t widely advertise this, you have to dig into their website to see it.