Essential vitamins and minerals question?

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This is perfect re: Vitamins. I hope the minerals equivalent is found on the forum as well.

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I actually got a script for a happy lamp. I love it!!


You may find this list useful…

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What is AIP?


Autoimmune protocol

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Thank you - that explains a lot.

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Great point, Pat!

Liver is a good source for K2, so it’s not that hard to get, but unfortunately many Americans don’t eat organ meats.

Also plenty in Gouda and Brie, if you eat dairy.

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Emu oil is a good source of K2 also.

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The problem is getting those bastards to hold still while you squeeze them.

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Thats when you need a @richard on his bike in Aussie chasing them down :bicyclist: :grinning:

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May I ask what your level was?

(Jacquie) #32

Sure. :slight_smile: I’m in Canada. My result was 259.6 nmol/L. Toxicity is >250 nmol/L. The test was called Vit D 25-HY.

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Thank-you. I will have to convert those numbers to the American measurements. I appreciate this very much.

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WOW! Your level was very high.
I keep mine close to 70 ng/L. It is where I feel best.

This article is interesting and gives both measurement conversions.


All I can say here is thank goodness I love liver. Seriously. One good meal of grilled liver and onions, or polish off a nice huge portion of liver pate on Belgium endive…and you should be good for at least two weeks! Nina Teisholtz says she hides some in her meatballs for her kids.


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Thanks for the information. What was interesting was I had no symptoms and all my other blood work was normal. Some interesting tidbits - I had lived in Vancouver for over 30 years and one might assume supplementing was a good idea. We lived aboard a boat for 14 years and I was outdoors a lot. Several years ago we retired to the East coast of Canada and a bit further south than Vancouver, where there are lots more sunny days than Vancouver, so that’s another variable to throw into the mix.

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I love my happy lamp :smile:

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Excellent graph. Thanks for posting it.

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Yes, that is very interesting. So, no symptoms. You weren’t tired all the time and with headaches? No sore body either?
If not, maybe it wasn’t toxic for you? Going with the n=1 scenario.
I know that when you get too much vitamin D, it is the same effect (symptom wise) of when you are deficient.
Interesting either way.