Episode #71 - The Salt Fix

(David W) #81

I’m 5 Days in to Keto and Keto Flu is kicking in. Salt is definitely helping. I need to add Potassium and Magnesium next since my legs hurt. They feel fatigued like I just climbed 10 flights of stairs but I’m just walking across a parking lot. I can’t wait for Keto Flu to be over.

(Sheri Knauer) #82

This was a really great episode. I found some Redmond real salt in my local health food store so I was able to get some right away. I also found this at my local farm/feed store:


It’s not fun, I feel for you. I had really good results from topical magnesium oil, that helps the sore legs. Salt is #1 of course. I’ve been keto 5-6 months and had sore legs most days to varying degrees, then last month I did a water fast and my legs hurt so badly I could hardly stand it. It was like the worst lower-back/hip/leg ache I’ve ever had x10. Then I broke the fast and the soreness disappeared. Since about 2 days after the fast I haven’t had sore legs again. I’m not sure of the science here but it’s interesting. This might sound controversial but a lot of my electrolyte imbalances were caused by drinking too much water I think. I feel the best when I drink 3-4 liters per day, no more no less.

(Doug) #84

Lax of me, but I’d never looked over the actual figures from my past blood tests. Just did, and there was a ‘low’ number for serum chloride. I am the last person on earth that I’d have thought would have that. Doubt it’s anything to worry about - I see the normal range listed as 97 - 107 millimoles per liter, and mine was 92, so not far off. Perhaps it was due to fasting before the blood test, but now I wonder. And I wish pretzels didn’t have so many carbs…

(John Pavlakos) #85

If you go directly to the Redmond website they also sell small pocket-size .21 oz salt shakers. Perfect when for eating out or controlling hunger pains.

(Chris Bair) #86

Just referred this guy to Podcast #71. It’s funny how many times I refer back to this same episode. Thanks @richard and @carl - it’s nice to have a place I can say “um… here just go listen to this”.

(icky) #87

Hey : )

So I understand the need to look out for electrolytes including sodium during fasting (including the issue of headaches etc).

I’m a bit confused about it’s role in a Keto diet.

I would have assumed that by eating large amounts of cheese, bacon, broth, etc, everyone’s automatically getting enough sodium as they would in a normal diet?

I feel like I’ve missed some integral piece of background knowledge that explains why sodium/ salt is a big issue for Keto and why there’s a need to focus on it?

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

(Rob) #88

You know what happens when you assume? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keto recommended salt is 2x SAD recommendations because keto is diuretic so you pee out much more sodium and must take in a lot more to compensate.

In reality, many ketonians, myself included do get our salt (~5000 mg) from food. However, depending on what you eat (e.g non-salty foods) you might have to add a lot.
Even if you get all your salt from food, it doesn’t solve for the other electrolytes, Mg and K which need to be in balance with Na.

(icky) #89

Yup, I know :joy::roll_eyes::crazy_face:

Thanks for this info. I didn’t realise keto was diuretic!

As I’m TOFI, I’m not doing keto for weight loss. Do you know if keto is diuretic if you’re eating enough fat/ calories to maintain your weight too? Or is the diuretic effect more due to the weight loss?

(Liz ) #90

It’s high insulin that causes the body to retain water and also salt. As you lower your insulin level through Keto & possibly fasting, your body flushes the sodium out regularly so supplementing with salt, magnesium, and potassium becomes necessary. But mostly salt as being low on sodium disregulates the other two.

(icky) #91

Thank you! :heart_eyes:

It’s so much easier getting this stuff right and sticking to it when I can understand it! :+1:

(Liz ) #92

Same for me!! Understanding the science is totally the key this time around.


Did you read the book? Because the podcast only scratches the surface as you might imagine. I highly recommend it if you haven’t.

(icky) #94

No, not yet, but I have added it to my reading list, because it sounds really good.

I’m working soooo much overtime at the moment, tho, so my reading list is rather long, so it’ll take a while to get to it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Scratching the surface of the “need to know” topics is going to have to do for now… :disappointed_relieved::crazy_face:

But I will learn as I go…! :point_up::woman_facepalming:


Audible has been a lifesaver for me, who has time to sit and read for hours on end. I learn things while I’m sitting in traffic.

(Candice) #96

OMG!! Listening to this epi and I had to PULL OVER!!!

This guy said “Sugar addiction is addiction to your endogenous opioids!!!”

FOR YEARS (pre Keto) the only way I could stop carbs and lose significant weight was hard cardio. I’ve been trying to say this forever!!! No one else got it!!

Whenever I stopped (due to injury) the addiction and weight would return.

I was excited to hear that. Back to the podcast. :blush: