Episode #67 - Heads Up Health with Dave Korsunsky

(carl) #1

Richard Morris @richard and Carl Franklin @carl talk to Dave Korsunsky @Dave_Korsunsky , author of Heads Up Health, a web app that brings together your health data from your apps, your fitness devices, AND your doctors, letting you see hidden correlations in the data.

(Sheri Knauer) #2

I’ve been using heads up health for a few months now and really like how the info is presented on one main screen (the dashboard). I’m really looking forward to how this site further develops.

(Running from stupidity) #3

Any continuing thoughts on this?

I had a bit of a chuckle to myself when I heard the founder declaring on an old podcast I was listening to the other day that “our current level of services will always be free!” which, of course, it’s not now because businesses discover they have to monetise, and giving away free services is a significant impediment to that. Tech startups always make this promise and then stop doing it (err, I mean “pivot”) which makes me wonder about them…


Does anyone here have a Heads Up Health account? I’m really curious about trying it but discouraged because I’ve sent several messages with questions over the last few weeks and haven’t gotten a response.

(@Dave_Korsunsky just in case he gets messages from the forum…)


Bumping… anyone know anything current about Heads Up Health?