Episode #47 - Ketogenic Forums - Getting off Facebook

(carl) #1

Happy New Year! This week on the podcast, Richard Morris and I talk about the new Ketogenic Forums with tips and tricks for how to get started, how to search for information, post new topics, and comment intelligently on existing topics. We also spoke with Jeff Atwood, the creator of Discourse - the forum software that runs ketogenicforums - about Facebook, discussions, Q and A sites, and the reasons why he and his team created Discourse in the first place. If you are new to the forums, this is your show!

(cindyshocklee) #2

Can’t wait to listen to it tomorrow!!

(Tom Seest) #3

Looking forward to another episode. Thank you.


Must. Get. To. Wifi.

(Jacquie) #5

Excellent podcast about the new forum! I think people will be excited to join, not only as an alternative to fb for chatting and support but to access all the great knowledge that we’ll be creating here. I’m no techie (retired medical social worker), yet I found the segment with Jeff Atwood very interesting. Of course, hubby the techie, already knew about stack overflow. :wink:

(Cheryl Meyers) #6

Happy New Year to you all! and thanks for the enlightening introduction to the forums. I’m learning new things everyday on here. Just finally figured out how to go to my unread posts–somehow I kept not seeing them. Now I know to tap in the three bars and then tap on unread to find old conversations that have new replies. Cheers!


What kind of machine did he get for christmas?