Episode #46 - Holiday Hangout 2016!

(carl) #1

Richard Morris and Carl Franklin are joined at the 2 Keto Dudes Annual Holiday Party by previous guests Brenda Zorn (#21 & #32), Kim Howerton (#32), and L. Amber O`Hearn (#44) for a very special nearly 2-hour-long party version of the show. Don’t spend the holidays alone! Hang out with us!

(Tom Seest) #2

Thank you

(Rebecca) #3

Yay. I looked earlier to see if this was up. Now I have something to listen to. Hopefully it will make my time at work today go a bit quicker. :grin:

(Lauren) #4

Downloading now… Def be listening to this when all the family have left for the day & we’re resting with bacon in our bellies

(Rebecca) #5

Just finished listening to this great episode and the best part only 2 hours left of work.

(gmoehlenhoff) #6

Killer. Merry Keto Christmas to all of you!

(Danielle) #7

Look forward to listening on our drive back home to Melbourne from Newcastle.

(Tom Seest) #8

I fasted while listening too the episode. You learn so much more if you listen to the episode while fasting.


I shall heretofore refer to this as the “Baby Corn Episode”.

(Tom Seest) #10

I can’t eat corn. It has too many carbs…Tee hee…

Don’t insult the baby corns…

(Cathy Schroder) #11

Listening to this Boxing Day in Australia, Feeling pretty good after a Christmas Day of keto food and a loss of 0.9kkg this morning. This podcast is just what I need to set me up for the next week!

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(Keith Lowrie) #12

Fun episode! The 3 keto dudettes were timely since I’m starting to help coach my mother into the keto woe next week. Thanks again dudes and dudettes!