Energy restriction reduces metabolic rate (rats)

(Richard Morris) #1

Controlled study shows the drop in metabolic rate as caloric intake drops. The intervention fed 60% of the energy of the ad libitum control - but equivalent essential nutrition (vitamins & minerals). After 6 weeks the intervention group’s total metabolic
rate and basal metabolic rate as a function of their lean body mass had dropped by 14% and 12% respectively.

This shows why Calories in : Calories out is not a simple function, but a mathematically chaotic one.

(Andrew Anderson) #2

Calories in and calories out theory failing is only counter intuitive to me because society dictated my intuition. I love seeing science dispelling myths.

(Dany Bolduc) #3

I wish I had known that before wasting a year of my life on CICO diet dropping 100 lb and tanking my metabolism, just to regain 60% faster than I lost it.
I can 100% tell you that my n=1 human study concurs with these results.

Thank god I found you guys and Keto before I got all the way back to where I started.

Now almost 4 months later, I feel my metabolism has fully recovered, and I’m finally on a healthy weight-loss track.
Not to mention I’m well on my way to rid myself of the high blood pressure that’s plagued me and kept worsening for over 10 years.
(Interesting fact: my BP was worse @ 204 lbs than it was when I started @ 307 lbs, but 2 months into Keto and was taken off 2 or my 3 meds and my BP is lower than ever: 130/85 avg)