Energy Levels After Rides


Evening all. Can I ask some of you long-standing Keto cyclists a question

I have been Keto for 4 weeks now, with 2 weeks of cycling thrown in as my cardio 2 nights a week with 3 nights of heavy lifting in the gym.

Let me give you a little of my cycling past. I “used” to be a very strong rider 3 years ago. I cycled for 4 years before stopping to look after my mum.

for instance, I rode 215 miles in a group of 16 at a 19.6mph avg. I would regularly ride 100+ miles in groups and Solo. mostly 18+ averages. This bike in the pictures has over 14000 miles on it. So as you can see my Legs have lots of miles on them.

2 years after I stopped I am back at it again as I mentioned above for my cardio. I do realise my fitness is gone. But today I decided to ride at a slow speed to keep my HR below 150 so I could sit in the saddle for longer get some Ass adaption again :wink: the last 6 miles I dumped myself as my legs where feeling good.

So the reason I am posting this is not about my fitness on the bike, it’s about after I got home.

I hadn’t eaten since 7pm the previous night and I started this ride fasted at 8am. I rode for 1hr 50min. when I got home I made my usual Bacon and eggs. as I have been doing bacon fast the past 5 days. I was SUPER tired all day with a slightly nauseous feeling. When I used to do a big ride before when I eat CARb heavy food, I never ever felt this tired.

Is this because I am Not fat adapted yet or when you are on a keto diet does it take longer to recover?

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At 4 weeks you’re nowhere near to being even minimally fat adapted. Be patient, it will come. I can’t cite any specific study off the top of my head. I’m sure others will do so. But my understanding is that for endurance and stamina being fat adapted will result in better performance than you had previously as a sugar burner. I too am a cyclist (that’s not a Startrooper helmet I’m wearing!), although with quite a few more years under my butt than you, I suspect. :sunglasses:

Following is the top of the page when googling “keto long distance cycling”:

Don’t think for a minute that I endorse everything in the article but it is a mainstream cycling site. So there’s lots of info out there. Also, be advised they advertise stuff they’re selling, and I don’t necessarily endorse any of those products either. They have the right to earn income to support themselves and I don’t begrudge them for it.


You might want to give this a listen. Ian is a member of the forum but I haven’t seen him around lately.