Energy Compensation (TEE effects) esp. in the Obese


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Worth watching, not very long, pretty clear.

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Sorry, I had to bail out on the video. I found the presenter’s voice irritating and virtually incomprehensible due to accent. She is speaking English, I presume.

So I went to the study:


Another nail in the CICO coffin.

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Thanks PJ. Enjoyed that and am going to watch some of her other videos. Absolutely fascinating that the compensation for exercise energy expenditure, when you have lots of fat tissue, is much greater. So interesting!

Thanks for link to original study Michael, and for the English comment :woman_facepalming: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Very clear to me. Thanks for posting

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This is a cool figure:

It’s from the study above.

It shows immediately, for instance, that exercise at best is a small part of your overall energy expenditure.