Non-scale victory … endurance! Almost 60 lbs ago, I could hardly hike up a quarter mile on a gentle slope without stopping to catch my breath. Last weekend, I hiked ALL day, somewhere between 6 and 8 miles in rough hilly terrain (no trails - I was hunting deer) and it was NO PROBLEM! And NO, I still have not been exercising. That’s bad, but the bottom line is that Keto plus the weight loss really made a huge difference in quality of life and physical endurance … now I feel motivated to get to the gym and start increasing my limits even further!


(Raj Seth) #2

Keto curse - now have to spend extra $$ on gym membership.

No - wait - can that be offset by the savings from the meals skipped while fasting?

Phew - saved by the bell!


That is super wonderful. I am very happy for you. It sounds like you are full of energy and living very well!

A great success for you! Great post.

(Ken) #4

Nice feeling, isn’t it? I had a similar experience when I started, including the Deer hunting. It was really hard before Keto, then a 90 pound loss the first year made things much easier. When the next season came I had lost another 90 pounds, and felt so light on my feet it seemed I was running up and down the hills.

(Bob M) #5

Not to mention since you have access to energy in your fat cells, then you get energy from there. You don’t crash until you’re physically tired.


Thanks, everybody! I needed an intervention … starting with weight loss. Really feels good to have made the progress that I’ve made and it’s very motivational … “stop feeling like a loser and start WINNING … by being a loser! (haha … of weight!)”. People wonder why I have been so diligent … well, the Keto progress is the motivator. I just cannot go back … life is much better now! My doc didn’t like it when he told me not to follow any fad diets … I said, “OK … the calories in/calories out low-calorie diet is OUT and the Keto diet is IN”. Oh well for him… not every doctor was an A-student. He says “I don’t know” too often anyway … gotta find a better doc. But I diverge … I appreciate all the support from you guys!