Endurance athlete nutrition and electrolyte help

(Gabriel Murray) #1

Quick background, I’m fat adapted, have followed a ketogenic diet for 8/9 months now. I’m a active runner and mountain biker that has started getting into the endurance cycling. I have a 100 mile gravel grinder race coming up in a month and a half and need any and all advice on race nutrition and electrolyte help. I have a electrolyte drink mix I use in two water bottles and have a camelbak with just plain water. I was thinking about adding electrolyte pills as well, hi lyte pills sounded good. As for on the bike food I was going to have two keto savage bricks, 1000 calories per brick, thought 2000 calories should be good for the 9 hour race. My last thing I’m thinking about doing is a carb load the night before the race, good bad idea?

(Carl Keller) #2

Hello and welcome Gabriel.

I moved your thread to the cycling sub forum. That way it’s easier for our keto cyclers to spot a new post that they might be able to relate to and help with. Check out some of the other cycling threads and you might find some useful information, in the meantime.

(Joseph) #3

Bad based on everything I have read, carb loading the night before is a few days too late but SiS says otherwise. See https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/carbohydrate-intake-training-racing/

(Khara) #4

My only comment, or reminder as you probably already know, is to not use anything new on race day. Make sure whatever electrolytes and bars you take are ones you’ve used before and agree with you! Race like you train. Good luck!

(Gabriel Murray) #5

Yeah I’m about a month and a half out so need to get it locked down now and make sure it works for me. Thank you sir.