Endurace Bicycling and Keto


Endurace and Biking
I have been following a Keto diet for approximately 2 months and my endurance has suffered. I used to be able to hold my husbands wheel when cycling and now I get dropped and can’t keep pace with the slowest of riders. Take additional electrolytes too.
Please help.


Typical adaption time is 6-8 weeks but also depends on individual, try use more electrolytes and if ur weight is already in normal range > eat more. Also for proper athletes adaptation will keep advancing further as u exercise and can take long time.

U could try out carb loading pre-workout if this is a on-going routine and more of an health/fitness oriented goal rather than weight loss. Upping carbs to a max of 50-60g pre-workout/bikeride and see if it helps. Try the more salt and calories first tho.