Ended my keto after reaching my goal. now what?

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How do I continue my new eating lifestyle, maintain my desired weight, allow myself to CHEAT (for the lack of a better word) 20% of the time and restart Keto seamlessly?

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Eat responsibly.

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^^^^pithy and perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I also am at that point. Despite often repeated advice not to care about the calories, I do find that by doing so I can gain or lose weight easily as long as I stay in Keto. Upping my meat and cheese is usually what I do if I feel I am getting too thin.
As for cheating, I almost admire people that can cheat, I lost my cravings for a lot of things that I used to love, although I do take a small beer occasionally. What I do after a few days of being away from my kitchen (and when, frankly, I give up on trying to eat Keto sometimes) is to take a big breakfast and then go on a 24 or 36 hour fast. Seems to work.

(Ken) #5

Maintenance is not a matter of staying “Keto”. It is a matter of not readapting into chronic Lipogenesis. That mean keeping any carb consumption from refilling Glycogen stores. IMO, the most efficient way is to make sure that after you have eaten carbs for a period, say a Day, you restrict them for at least the same duration in order to allow glycogen levels to drop. It usually take several days of heavy consumption to refill glycogen, so if you don’t eat massive carbs chronically you’ll never get to the point of refilling glycogen. Preventing fat regain is easy to do once you understand the role of glycogen.

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Thank you for the good to know

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Obviously, we are on a different page. I never plan to stop Keto. I enjoy what I’m eating. If I cheat on anything, it will be by eating more cream cheese and sucralose than I really need… but it will still be Keto.

Edit; Ya’ know, I say that… but then when I think about it, I really don’t have the desire to “pig out” on sweet treats any more. Not saying I don’t totally enjoy them. Just saying, I can have a few bites of some sweet creamy treat (like my GF’s fat bombs) and them I’m good. I’m not thinking, “Oh, if I could only have a few more of those”… Heck, I can. I just don’t want any more. Pretty crazy actually, for a life long food hog like myself.