Encouraged by my 3rd attempt at fasting

(Jane Srygley) #1

I’m working on a 30-hour fast today. My first 2 were 24 hours. This will end around 4am tomorrow morning–that’s the plan, anyhow. I have food with me just in case. My blood glucose got down to 61 after my first 24-hour fast. Since then, I have cut my blood sugar medication (metformin) in half, so I’m thinking that I have less in my system now and my sugar may not go that low. In any case, my partner and I spend 2 nights apart during the week but I figured for my first 30-hour fast, it would be better to have him around just in case.

I’m doing zero calories and supplementing with magnesium and potassium. I’m also drinking salted turmeric tea, which I really love and tastes kinda like soup! So far ZERO headache. The first time I felt sort of stoned, but today other than my stomach growling, I feel very normal and go for a few hours at a time without thinking about the fact that I’m fasting. I am really encouraged by this!

Any thoughts and encouragement welcome and thanks for being here :heart:

(Susan) #2

I wish you all the best in your fasting =) I don’t know a lot about fasting if you are diabetic, so I think it is a good idea your partner is with you during it. I thought when you are diabetic, you are meant to have food every so many hours., so I didn’t know you could safely fast doing it? but I think since he is there and can monitor you that is good =).

(Jane Srygley) #3

Thanks! I am not diabetic. I take metformin for PCOS. Also, Dr Jason Fung treats people with Type 2 Diabetes using fasting–he actually has them fast 3 days per week, 36 hours at a time! His clinic withholds their medication while fasting, which is why I decided not to take mine as it is for similar issues (ie, insulin resistance). My insurance is not great (dunno if you live in the US, but a lot of people have this problem) so I do have a doctor but am not being monitored by her while I do this. If I had the money, I’d sign up for the IDM (Dr. Fung’s Intensive Dietary Management) program as you can do it online.

(Susan) #4

Oh okay =). I have watched videos with him on Youtube, he is very motivational and explains things very clearly. I guess we all like him a lot on the forum, I have never heard any negative comments about him =). I did not know that diabetics can fast like that. I just remember having a very good friend when I was in grade school that was named Judy (forget her last name) but she had to always have snacks during class. I always invited her to my birthday parties and my mom used to buy her special bags of the dietetic candies back then… (I am 54 so this was mannny years ago). I know so much has changed since then.

(traci simpson) #5

and therein lies the problem. Too much insulin eating so many meals and then you’re given insulin to “control” your diabetes. It’s a vicious cycle.

(Full Metal Keto) #6

@Momof5 Fasting is the way to halt diabetes dead in it’s tracks. But it should be monitored by a doctor if you’re using insulin. Dr Jason Fung up in Canada is a hero on this forum who’s treated thousands of diabetics with fasting, @Brenda is a fasting coach and expert on fasting who works for IDM. He one of the most respected in his field and does lectures around the world. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Susan) #7


Oh, that is awesome, I have watched videos of him talking about fasting on Youtube, when I was first looking into IF before joining the forum. I am learning all this about Diabetes since joining the forum; but that is fantastic. That is really so good. I am sure if I had of continued with my disastrous eating path I was on, I might have ended up with Diabetes, or a Stroke, heart attack, etc. I know my health is improving a lot with Keto. For sure, my blood pressure was down until the salt this week (but I have removed that for now) and my Asthma and allergies actually are better than usualy for this time of year… so maybe they are also at least lessening, which is great. I am Canadian as well; and didn’t realize that Dr. Fung was Canadian also, that is pretty cool!

Thanks for the info! I am certainly happy I found this forum, with all you lovely people. I am learning new things daily, which is really great.

(Jane Srygley) #8

Yep he’s the reason I decided to do this! I’m not diabetic; I take metformin for PCOS. The IMD program withholds metformin when their patients fast, so I felt it was safe for me to do the same.

(Jody) #9

You can do this! The mental part is harder than the physical, although the headaches can be a hassle if you don’t keep the salt up. Good luck!!

(Jane Srygley) #10


I have a headache this morning, though, which is really annoying. I drank salted tea all day yesterday and took magnesium twice!!! I don’t know wtf is the deal with the headaches, though at least I didn’t have one while fasting, which is really different for me. Thanks for all of your support :heart:

(Susan) #11

Congrats, Jane! We are all very happy for you that you were successful. =)

(IDM Educator) #12

You absolutely can fast as a diabetic. Check out Dr. Jason Fung and Megan Ramo’s program https://idmprogram.com/ . You will find me under “Getting Started” and then “Personalized Coaching”.

They are also interviewed on the 2KetoDudes podcast as am I. Their podcasts are episodes 26, 58 and 84, and mine is episode 21 with my story and 9 other of their podcasts I participated on as well. The 2KetoDudes opened this forum.

(Susan) #13

I am not diabetic personally; and my knowledge on it was from some time ago (my dad had it but passed away in 2003) so obviously times have advanced rampantly since then, which is of course, very good!

(GINA ) #14

I suspect the little girl Momof5 is talking about was T1, not T2. That is a whole different ball of wax. Adult type 2 diabetics can fast.

(Susan) #15

Yes it was when I was a child, and it was my friend, Judy, who was my age so would have been Type 1.