Emmy Franklin


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Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Emmy, chats about how she ketos as a twenty something and the ups and downs she has experienced so far.

Emmy is a twenty-something from southeastern Connecticut, famously known in the keto world as Keto Dude Carl Franklin’s daughter. She spends her days working as a mechanical designer and her evenings eating yummy keto food, starting new crochet projects, and drinking vodka seltzers with friends.

She started her keto journey in the spring of 2016 in an effort to shed her college weight and support her dad. Since then, she has been in and out of fat adaptation a few times, learning a lot about herself along the way. Emmy hopes to normalize the ketogenic way of eating and enlighten as many young people as possible about keto as a way of preventing obesity and disease, not just healing it. Today, Emmy maintains the ketogenic way of life to maintain levels of energy, focus better at work, and stay in control of making good food choices.

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